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home now

been home since 4pm

it's 10:42pm

took me this long to get online... now i'm too tuckered to do anything

got home to so much fire smoke in the air it's hard to breath and seeing across our small lake is hard

and to top it off the A/C in our house died i guess while we were gone so it's like 84 in the house and we are just miserable

then my ex called and the kids are going to go visit him in pairs
nina and bran first
then brit and kenster

so we've been washing clothes from the trip in order to just repack them for their adventure

so anywho.... i'm gonna attempt to get some sleep and will be packing and driving tomorrow..... so i guess at this rate I'll be seeing you all at the end of summer hahahahaha

oh and this pic is from this morning before leaving the lake.... these canadian geese weren't afraid to come right up to us.... I guess they like ritz crackers.... at one point they were getting so pushy about begging for them that they started jumping up onto the dock and chased us off! LMAO!

see ya'll later.... time to pass out here
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Comments on this photo:

Jun 25 2008 06:03 GMT PhotoPro PRO
the detail on this is really stunning Lisa

ex'es - I'm sooooooooooooooooooo glad we haven't had to deal with that since the late 80's

a/c deal sucks - we'd be in a hotel if ours went out - 2 years ago when we lost power during horrendous storms - we spent one night at church - fortunately power was back on by the time we got home the next morning so we didn't lose a lot of money... I mean food in the freezer.
Jun 25 2008 06:13 GMT roncarlin PRO
Looks like they have been though a battle, but the sure grow up beautifully.
I used to belong to a goose club in Merced. Now it is a lot more enjoyable to take pictures of Game and Birds.
Great capture!!!! Great Story!!! Hope your air is fixed soon!!!
Jun 25 2008 06:46 GMT rock
wonderful shot!
Jun 25 2008 08:49 GMT rainbow71
they are amazing. It sounds like you need a holiday:)
Jun 25 2008 11:44 GMT irenetsy
very beautiful photo...
Jun 25 2008 11:51 GMT beus PRO
Very nice shot!
Jun 25 2008 12:28 GMT hevychevy PRO
which one is coming and which one is going Lisa :-) LOL
Jun 25 2008 14:22 GMT virginiabrill
Man....That really sucks, and I'm praying for all you guys out there having to deal with those fires...

And your ex can't deal with all 4 kids at once??? Shoot--You seem to do it quite fine! (Course I've always suspected super powers on anyone who can deal with 4 kids!!! =P) I think I would go insane...I think that's what happened to my mom--Can't sweat the small stuff with 4 kids! At least I learnt that growing up!

I'm dealing with ex issues of my own...or my husband's own, I guess you'd say...Not going into details on here though...

Oh--great picture, BTW. It has awesome detail!
Jun 25 2008 14:26 GMT LisaSam67
thx V
i was just looking at the pic of the dog bath ROFLMAO!

and ya if he has more than two at a time it's bad

i could use the break from all 4 at once but i want my kids home alive

so two at a time

it's not even him that will have them most of the time.... it's his wife... or daughter..... oh i'm starting to get all bent out of shape again..... his wife used to be a teen in our youth group... called us mom and dad... have pictures of her sleeping on the floor of our livingroom way back in the day..... the whole thing just makes me insane
why can't my ex be like Jeff's ex wife.... she and I get along like old friends... I love it!

but NOOOOOOOOO i gotta worry about my kids safety when they go visit

so flipping stupid! i hate this part of my life
Jun 25 2008 14:35 GMT virginiabrill
Oh goodness...That's worse than the age difference between me and Jamie! I never called him Daddy....well--I mean as a father ;-)

Hahaha Just playing...that's too weird.

Anyways, I get along with Jamie's Ex, but she is completely fake...It drives me crazy. Yeah, she never says anything bad about Jamie directly, but you know how well I am at reading people. And all the trouble she left behind that he (now *we*) is (are) STILL dealing with...GAHHH

All I know is I can't wait until Madi is 12...

I know about worrying about kids at an ex's house...My friend, Angie...her boys are like my nephews--they call me Aunt Ginny...and back before her ex disappeared, when she'd send her boys off with him, we'd BOTH be sitting there worrying our butts off...And when they (rarely) spent the night with him, it was usually his girlfriend of the week taking care of them...Those boys would come back in the same clothes they wore there, hadn't had a bath the whole time, and just as dirty as could be. She never sent anything they would miss with them, because they NEVER came back with anything they weren't wearing...


And now, I worry about Madi sometimes...Jamie's Ex is not one who has super powers to deal with the 4 kids they got there (Madi plus 3 of Jeff's--her husband--kids.)

Jun 25 2008 14:38 GMT LisaSam67
ya it basically sux
nina has phone numbers to SAFE adults there in town
so she can call them to get help

Jun 25 2008 14:44 GMT virginiabrill
Yeah....that's pretty bad...My cousin is with his dad for a couple weeks while his other 2 brothers finish summer school, and my Aunt is SO worried...my ex-uncle is way bad news...and the way bad thing is, Michael (the boy who's with him now) is the one who is the most like his father. Gets into trouble and stuff....being around his dad is not gonna help...Get this--the stupid guy NEVER pays child support, and every time he goes to court for either drug charges or child support charges, he pays a lawyer tons of money and gets outta it....He has this stupid job that he gets paid like $20 an hour, and he thinks he's hurting my Aunt Pam by not paying child support rather than the kids....he's one of those guys that would benefit his kids most if he WAS in jail...or dead.
Jun 25 2008 15:07 GMT LisaSam67
yup some people need to fall off the planet
Jun 26 2008 14:20 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Awww..baby goosies!
And yes I agree,
Some people need to fall off the planet:-))