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Who would believe me if I said I took this pic with my 18-55mm lens?

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Comments on this photo:

Nov 02 2011 07:43 GMT saffi9
superb did you use a magnifying glass
Nov 02 2011 08:19 GMT FLUMP
Far too close for me :-)
Nov 02 2011 10:09 GMT Liebenberg1312
No I did not. I only used the lens. But I did place a glass upside down on the spider to prevent it from escaping the "photo shoot". That is what you see in the other pics of the spider.
Nov 04 2011 06:36 GMT sini
So close!:)
Nov 04 2011 13:33 GMT Liebenberg1312
So close and a bit out of focus
Nov 04 2011 14:03 GMT julie13
I would need a zoom lens of a million miles to get a closeup like this, brilliant work but so creepy
Nov 04 2011 14:08 GMT Liebenberg1312
You don't need a zoom lens for this kind of closeup, aal you need is a 18-55mm lens.
Nov 05 2011 06:32 GMT Donjames
Awesome close up....spiders creep me out but I do not kill them ever just trap them then put them outdoors....
Nov 07 2011 08:01 GMT Liebenberg1312
Thank you. I on the onther hand have no problem with spiders. But I do remove them from the house for their own safty....
Nov 07 2011 14:50 GMT peterpinhole
Scary close up!
Nov 07 2011 18:21 GMT senna3
Brilliant macro!
Nov 08 2011 05:02 GMT Liebenberg1312
Scary? :)
Nov 08 2011 05:02 GMT Liebenberg1312
Thank you senna3
Nov 08 2011 21:05 GMT charlie26
Very scary entry. But great close up.
Nov 08 2011 23:28 GMT mysticwonder
Is their bite Fatal?
Nov 08 2011 23:29 GMT mysticwonder
Actually it turned out well. Great Job.
Nov 09 2011 04:57 GMT Liebenberg1312
Thank you charlie26
Nov 09 2011 04:57 GMT Liebenberg1312
No their bite are not fatal.
Thank you mysticwonder.
Nov 11 2011 01:12 GMT potterjo
That was a good idea of shooting through the glass.
Nov 11 2011 04:58 GMT Liebenberg1312
Thank you potterjo
Nov 11 2011 10:29 GMT Liebenberg1312
Thank you hunju
Nov 12 2011 18:14 GMT laurab1
Great idea, and great photo !
Nov 14 2011 05:52 GMT Liebenberg1312
Thank you Iaurab1
Nov 15 2011 09:54 GMT Littleollie
Very good close up capture.
I'm with Don; I used to take captures of spiders and then put them outside, (or over in the neighbours), when I lived in NZ, but since I have lived in Aussie I don't know whether they are dangerous or not, so I take captures and dispatch them if they are indoors and leave them alone when they are outdoors.
This looks rather large, but it may be harmless.
Nov 16 2011 14:03 GMT blue
i love this!
Nov 17 2011 09:29 GMT Liebenberg1312
Thank you Littleollie.
This one is harmless we don's have to many dangerous ones.
Nov 17 2011 09:32 GMT Liebenberg1312
Thank you blue
Nov 28 2011 13:05 GMT Wildspirit PRO
wow, too close for me, (although I do not like spiders, I too remove them from the house without harm except for the dangerous ones, which I kill.)
Nov 28 2011 13:40 GMT Liebenberg1312
Like I said before: Live and let Live :)
Dec 17 2011 23:22 GMT Wildspirit PRO
I don't know if I would have...it is a brave shot. I might have taken it with my 300mm macro.
Jan 09 2012 09:44 GMT Liebenberg1312
Not so brave, I placed a glass over the spider