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The blossom off a tree ....I don't know the name in English...

In Dutch it's called "kastanjeboom"
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Comments on this photo:

Apr 23 2014 21:28 GMT superJoan
Lie this is known as Horse Chestnut in England....the fruit conkers.....We make a hole in the fruit and put string though it to hang downwards, then while one person holds one string the other person tries to hit it with another fruit on a string...the aim is to smash it.. A traditional childrens game...
Apr 23 2014 21:54 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
Gorgeous blossoms!
Apr 24 2014 07:36 GMT Lie
It hurts, is't it ? the fruits are hard...thanks for the information !
Apr 24 2014 13:55 GMT Lalbabu
However it looks beautiful !!!!
Apr 24 2014 15:19 GMT wijnie58
Wonderful blossom, Lie..:-))
Apr 24 2014 18:46 GMT Papagena
Already blossoming !! In Swiss German we call it "Rosskastanienbaum" as only horses can eat its fruits....

At the time my son was a child we did create with its fruits little animals, men and so on...fixed with wooden sticks !! ;°)
Apr 25 2014 06:59 GMT Lie
My childeren and grandchilderen did that too.... happy memories is't it ...