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If you are goijng to walk with your dog in this park, you have to take care that he leaves notting behind......

So it's your job to pick up the pooph and drop it in the bin....
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 29 2012 20:03 GMT Annamaria
We don't have those signs but we have to pick up the pooph too.... fortunately I live near the woods...;-)
Jan 29 2012 20:05 GMT hans55 PRO
to be honnest i have never seen a sign like this before !
Jan 29 2012 21:08 GMT beady
We have some of these in NewZealand too, But could do with more around the place. I for one always pick up after my dog and carry the PooBag home
Jan 30 2012 03:17 GMT potterjo
Several of the parks here have them, I don't recall the colorful sign.
Jan 30 2012 14:45 GMT Hanny50
To set a good example, nice find !!
Jan 30 2012 15:01 GMT wijnie58
Great find Lie...
Hier gebruiken ze dat niet...!!
Jan 30 2012 15:57 GMT elsje323
great find, we don't have this here
Jan 30 2012 17:53 GMT Trevor1234
http://www.fotothing.com/Trevor1234/photo/b273bc9d31ea4512305654b5359ade22/ that is a reply to this photo from my older photos :) see if you can spot the humour there .... hehehe
Jan 30 2012 18:10 GMT Papagena
I should go and look if there is a similar sign in my area. Anyway we have coloured bags too !!