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Meu Grande Amor!
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Comments on this photo:

Mar 20 2007 12:35 GMT Poulet PRO
Beautifulmodel !Great portrait as always !!
Glad to see you back, dear Carlos. :)))
Miss you and your works !!
Mar 20 2007 12:50 GMT Satto
LOVEly portrait....pretty lady....and great colortone:-)
Mar 20 2007 13:40 GMT PhotoPro PRO
I have really missed you and your work!
Mar 20 2007 14:00 GMT Mafernandes
linda! bem-vindo de volta....
Mar 20 2007 14:07 GMT Arik77
"Long time no see" ....
Mar 20 2007 15:12 GMT glassica
So nice to see you here again!!!! =0)
Great portrait!
Mar 20 2007 15:56 GMT kutlu01
Mar 20 2007 17:28 GMT hallo
Wonderful portrait, very clear features!
Mar 20 2007 18:53 GMT Bali
Great portrait!!!!!Welcome back:))))))))))
Mar 20 2007 18:54 GMT Lie
Lovely lady and portrait...
Welcome back Levistrauss !!!
Mar 20 2007 20:49 GMT Dudu911
Fine capture, great composition! Grattss!!
Mar 20 2007 23:49 GMT Milibuh
Hermosa foto y con mucho amor !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mar 21 2007 02:03 GMT ashdad PRO
Beautiful portrait!
Mar 21 2007 21:06 GMT tadieubone PRO
so beautiful !!!!
Mar 22 2007 12:09 GMT pp11364
Very expressive photo.
Mar 23 2007 07:41 GMT hamrahi
Beautiful portrait............................
Mar 23 2007 07:49 GMT Educando
gostei da illuminacao, a luz vendo do lado e o angulo! muito boa!
Mar 23 2007 18:20 GMT megmet PRO
Lovely entry!
Mar 24 2007 14:16 GMT Qualquer
muito linda :)
Mar 24 2007 15:22 GMT Lalbabu
Nice angle & great expression.
Mar 24 2007 19:19 GMT botticcelli
Mar 27 2007 23:07 GMT suorpaola
sei grande carlos!!!
Mar 28 2007 05:15 GMT Erazmas
Nice portrait
Mar 29 2007 13:15 GMT Panda52
Apr 04 2007 12:45 GMT Katarzycho
Beautiful lady
Beautiful portrait
Apr 05 2007 19:30 GMT CarolinaPareto
Beautiful one!!!!!
Apr 10 2007 22:38 GMT desdePalma
buen retrato
Apr 18 2007 08:30 GMT victoto
super expressáo.......abs....
Apr 22 2007 19:52 GMT rosecafe
que lindo :)
Apr 27 2007 01:56 GMT lumaciel
Um belo retrato em branco e preto !
Apr 29 2007 16:38 GMT ArlenTavares
andas um pouco sumido, sinto sua falta..
May 01 2007 18:28 GMT Lara86
Great portrait!! great work
Jun 04 2007 17:03 GMT anoek
Me ha gustado mucho tu trabajo,.. es realmente bueno!
Jun 27 2007 02:47 GMT raves
vá em paz mestre. espero que voce e sua esposa tenham encontrado a luz.
olhem por todos nos. foi maravilhoso conhecer seu trabalho.
vão com deus.
deixaram muitos admiradores!
paz e luz!
Aug 15 2007 16:07 GMT bhtp1
Grande fotografia
Aug 16 2007 07:21 GMT Pushp
Good One
Aug 19 2007 11:50 GMT CheshireCat
sinto saudades de você, meu amigo querido... luz!
Aug 26 2007 21:49 GMT JonathasLevistrauss
Pai te amo!
Aug 27 2007 21:08 GMT charlotte
Muito saudades de voce home lindo..
Aug 29 2007 12:06 GMT merce
Terrible news! I loved so much his beautiful photographies! Our small community is so sad!
Aug 29 2007 14:18 GMT tadieubone PRO
so sorry about this news, terrible , always be remembered here !!!!
Aug 29 2007 19:30 GMT AlisonBelinda
God bless! I had no idea. Your work will be with us as a reminder of your talent forever. Thank you.
Aug 29 2007 20:43 GMT Irma
So Sad and such terribel news. I admired his works so much!
condolences to the family.
Aug 29 2007 20:46 GMT Elise
God bless you....we will never forget your work....thank you!
Aug 30 2007 14:58 GMT Satto
My condolences to the family....thank you...
/// Satto
Aug 30 2007 15:16 GMT Mafernandes
Im so sorry.
Sep 01 2007 07:02 GMT suzannesmash
I am out of words and into tears...I am so sorry, and my thoughts and prayers are
with the loved ones...God bless you all, and we will never forget...
Sep 01 2007 09:08 GMT Mia87
I can’t say more than that I’m in tears…

Carlos … I remember when I came here long ago, was new, silly and didn’t know anything (I might as well not know it even now) you were wonderful, always supported me with nice comments, and when you put my pics in faves I was like “ Wow, the most talented man on FT put my pics in favorites”…And I still think that…That you ARE and you WILL be one of the greatest people I met, with a BIG BIG heart and a TRUE AMAZING talent. You are the one who made me stay here, who made me love photography ... And a true friend

Life is … I can’t find words, ‘cos any didn’t match.
May you and your beautiful wife rest in peace and as for Jonathas and his sister; I hope they are well, ‘cos all the love you gave to them is hard to be replaced and achieved. I know one day soon, your son will be like you, and your work will live through him, ‘cos he already showed us how good he is .

Much love Carlos, I will never forget you… And I’m not saying that just to say it, you know it’s true.

You’re in my thoughts and in my prayers

Sep 01 2007 09:33 GMT LizSA
Please...will someone please explain.........!!
I do not understand.......what happend.. I was off Ft for a long time....!
Sep 01 2007 10:05 GMT LizSA
So sorry to hear about the sad news....thankyou Mia and Gary to let me know....
I will keep you in my heart dear Levistrauss and your wife.....rest in peace.....so very sad
and to the family ..... we think of you....... :-((
Sep 01 2007 19:44 GMT CheshireCat
saudades e mais saudades...
Sep 02 2007 18:01 GMT Rasle
Sep 03 2007 09:27 GMT Bali
So sad news!!!!!!!I´ll miss your stunning work!!!!!!!!God bless you two!!!!!I`m in tears!!!!!!
My condolences to the family.
Sep 03 2007 11:39 GMT glassica
I don´t know what to say....
My condolences to the family.... and i will really miss Carlos gorgeous photos!!!
Sep 06 2007 00:52 GMT mmmao
you will always be remembered! thank you so much for your wonderful works!
Sep 06 2007 12:30 GMT OJ88
You were like a shooting star.. I will miss your photos too... I am very sad. May your souls rest in peace. Amen.
Sep 06 2007 15:24 GMT Lubranco
So sad....God bless all I will never forget !
Sep 06 2007 18:37 GMT rosyapple PRO
I am devastated at this loss!
Sep 06 2007 19:16 GMT TRICKS4U
I never thought I'd be sitting here with tears on my face......
You were my 2nd friend on here, would on occasion send me a note with encouragement and respect.
I'm just shaking that the most talented photographer on here is no longer here.
I wish you and your wife, an endless summer together.
I can't wait to meet you on the beach someday my friend.
Sep 06 2007 19:20 GMT EuCarlosFilipe
You put tears on my eyes Patrick...words when are coming from the heart are so strong...You are a very good person!!!!!!!!
Sep 07 2007 01:53 GMT ashdad PRO
I am at a loss for words. May you and your wife rest in peace my dear compassionate brilliant friend. You will be missed immensely.
Sep 07 2007 05:45 GMT hamrahi
So sad....
God bless dear friend..................
Sep 07 2007 13:11 GMT SunnyRea
I just heard what happend to you :( I will be praying for you and your family. You were beautiful people inside and out and Im sure will be missed greatly. You will be remembered here on fotothing forever. RIP
Sep 07 2007 13:13 GMT Babybop
I'm so sorry to hear the bad news I am praying for you family and friends.May you both rest in peace.We all will being thinking of you all the time and will miss your great and BEAUTIFUL photo's. God Bless your family:( You are already missed by so many of your fotothing friends:( Your in my prays
Sep 07 2007 17:00 GMT william22
Sorry to hear about this tragic news...May God bless them and those that mourn!
My heart goes out to the family and the children...
Sep 07 2007 22:34 GMT abojovna PRO
So sad, i have nothing words ... Good by, dear friends, I remember ...
Sep 08 2007 03:22 GMT PinkPepperPhoto PRO
I am so sorry
Sep 08 2007 07:54 GMT dcz
no perdono a la muerte enamorada, ni a la vida desatenta (Miguel Hernandez).
Sep 08 2007 13:31 GMT ander
So sad ---
My heart goes out to the family and the children
Sep 08 2007 17:29 GMT JBW
belissima :)
saudades de vcs todos por aqui....
eu venho pra ca e me pergunto porque que eu sai do FT....

Sep 08 2007 21:08 GMT LittleDaisy
oh.. i didnt know Carlos, never sent him a message, but im all in tears as all of you..
God, take care for you two little treasures
Sep 08 2007 21:15 GMT Anjelikka
So sorry to hear about this...I enjoyed all those photographs...I hope the children will be ok...sending my love
Sep 09 2007 14:35 GMT deanbed
It was great to have known Carlos and appreciated his colourful and interestin work, I have lost a few friends on here now and it is so sad!
Sep 15 2007 20:50 GMT megmet PRO
Such a great loss to us all.... your work will live on for ever in our hearts as we have all learned so much from you. R.I.P.
Sep 24 2007 14:49 GMT charlotte
love love love...........
Oct 01 2007 17:57 GMT CheshireCat
Ontem estava olhando umas fotos minhas que você gostava... Quanta humildade reinava no seu ser... Sinto sua falta e falta da Iza, me chamando de Fotopoetisa... Saudades de vocês, sempre.

Oct 03 2007 04:44 GMT garynumber1cleaner
Time passes but the pain remains ... still thinking of you Carlos and your lovely wife .. God Bless
Oct 17 2007 17:52 GMT elbeaver
...my Sympathies.
Oct 17 2007 17:54 GMT Olympe1961
..... I'm so sad to have read the FT newsletter.... I didn't know Levistrauss and his beloved wife passed.................. I'm so sad.... he was a FT friend of mine.... and I did'nt know..... I'm really so sad.... I enjoyed so much the colourful series of our friend, the special colours he gave us..... I'm so sad..... I'm so sad..... My gheart is broken....
Oct 17 2007 18:03 GMT sanjolina
shocked ;(
Oct 17 2007 18:14 GMT guentherchr
What happened?
Oct 17 2007 18:32 GMT guentherchr
I don't know what happened. But my honest condolences.
Oct 17 2007 18:32 GMT Jettline
My Sympathies!
Oct 17 2007 19:26 GMT tata28
im shocked reading the FT news, Oh My God!!
not been around for a while!!!
condolences to the family!!
Oct 17 2007 21:40 GMT Roland
My honest condolences!
God bless...
Oct 17 2007 22:06 GMT irajsalarvand
Oct 18 2007 02:57 GMT fredaH
I'm in shock..
how is this can be happening?
It's hard for me to believe..
we used to talk about photography..
and I have been wondering where had he been gone...
This is going to take time for me to accept the reality that they are gone forever........

How I wish they could comeback...
this is too tough....
Oct 18 2007 05:39 GMT Riek
Very sorry about the bad news !!!!
Oct 18 2007 05:46 GMT garynumber1cleaner
guentherchr .. Carlos and his dear wife where sadly killed in a Car Crash ;-) ...... God Bless them Both
Oct 18 2007 07:49 GMT beedabee
It's so sad.. great Levistrauss.. such a great artist ... what a lost !
My you and your love rest in peace !
Oct 19 2007 19:16 GMT schnerzz
I am very sorry and sad
Oct 23 2007 14:36 GMT maguzz
... i appreciated your work ...
... i will go on to appreciate it ...
... i'm very sad about the tragedy ...
... ... ...
Oct 28 2007 08:50 GMT hary
you were our hero
Dec 03 2007 18:15 GMT shantanu
Dec 06 2007 16:46 GMT charlotte
Dec 19 2007 19:22 GMT pepper84
It's all inthe face
Dec 30 2007 03:25 GMT mayaradomingues
Saudade eterna!
Jan 04 2008 21:37 GMT kamilla
Que linda!! :)
Jan 06 2008 19:02 GMT bahar019
special face . nice shot
Jan 07 2008 23:23 GMT bluesky
Jan 09 2008 12:44 GMT karlbark
Best regards and a happy new year !
(Eða, gleðilegt nýtt ár - as we say in my country) :-D
Karl Trausti from Iceland
Mar 02 2008 20:00 GMT garynumber1cleaner
Miss you Levi :-(
Mar 24 2008 07:55 GMT TRICKS4U
I do too, I come back to your pages alot....

Miss you buddy, hope you are looking down telling us how shitty our pics are
compared to yours.

Take Care my friend....
Apr 17 2008 23:15 GMT Milibuh
Saudades de vocês, sempre !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
May 10 2008 17:29 GMT yassu
saudades eternamente..............
May 10 2008 17:30 GMT garynumber1cleaner
love from me as always x x
May 21 2008 19:06 GMT sabiah
Esta é sua india? Linda a foto e ela. Saudaçoes antropológicas.
May 23 2008 22:13 GMT TRICKS4U
This last post says it all.....a picture of his wife

Always thinking of you buddy!
Jun 26 2008 04:02 GMT pradeepvishwakarma
Smilez. .
Jul 06 2008 14:14 GMT Pushp
Nice Photos
Jul 09 2008 00:18 GMT Petra17
Still miss you ...
Jul 12 2008 18:02 GMT GeoffReeves
Aug 01 2008 18:20 GMT massaroco
nice portait
Aug 01 2008 18:23 GMT garynumber1cleaner
so lovely people still appreciate your pictures ... beautiful ..we miss you both ..but see you here still .. wonderful... x x
Aug 11 2008 23:18 GMT Milibuh
Siempre en mi recuerdo...
Aug 27 2008 14:01 GMT EuCarlosFilipe
Sentir saudade.....chorar um pouquinho só....sentir a vida ....sentir a morte como parte dela.....sentir saudade de tudo ...de todos....Como dizia o Patrick talvez um dia nos encontremos todos numa praia...iremos rir até lá saudade e a lagrima que teima em cair....
Sep 02 2008 09:52 GMT Scarlett PRO
I'm really sad and I didn't know... I have no words. I will always miss you and your strong and marvellous photographies... God bless you and your family.
Oct 01 2008 19:08 GMT olgutt
Wonderful portrait
Oct 01 2008 19:12 GMT garynumber1cleaner
olgutt ... i thank you and everyone that comments this lovely picture..it is blessing to my eyes and heart every time i see it on recent comments or when i browse by ... wonderful x
Oct 05 2008 15:54 GMT megmet PRO
Still missing you and your wonderful work. I think of you both often and I shall always keep this photo in my favourites, and your memory in my heart. xx
Dec 02 2008 21:05 GMT elbeaver
Miss you guys...
Dec 03 2008 15:29 GMT charlotte
Miss you so much around here!
Dec 04 2008 21:10 GMT jomoud PRO
Each time I visit your archive, I miss you my dear friends!
Rest in Peace!
Dec 24 2008 02:29 GMT reynena
......... /......\\............_/\_
........ /........\\.........*FELIZ
....... /_____\\\......*
.... {`______`}\\....* , + *
...{.........u....`-?}\\\..+ *
... {..................}\......*,+*.._/\_ * + . *
.... /{..............}\\.........*,..MERRY; + * * +
... /....?............?...\\...*........*
.. /_/......`?`.....\\\\_\\..* + ., * * , +*
..{__}##[ ]##{__}\......CHRISTMAS
.......|___|___|\\........+ * , . * * , . * +
Dec 25 2008 12:52 GMT karlbark
-Have a wonderful Christmas! :-)
Karl Trausti from Iceland
Dec 28 2008 21:50 GMT besnaglista
still remembering...
Dec 28 2008 21:55 GMT garynumber1cleaner
Yes.... Hope the Heavens are as peaceful as I imagine, the Angels are there for sure... my love to you both.. Gary ...number1cleaner x x
Jan 04 2009 19:24 GMT Mia87
Miss you and your work... :(

Feb 05 2009 20:33 GMT sabiah
Só hoje eu li aqui sobre o ocorrido. O Levi-Strauss foi um super amigo aqui. Meu colega de profissao, éramos ambos antropologos. Sinto muito.
Mar 15 2009 21:54 GMT u40
Great shot!:)
Mar 19 2009 04:43 GMT aquiles PRO
Mar 21 2009 17:19 GMT charlotte
Still so sad abouth missing you and your wife....
love to the kids
Apr 11 2009 17:30 GMT sabiah
Voce estará aqui para sempre e em nossos coracoes!
Apr 19 2009 02:43 GMT fhelsing PRO
I was thinking about Carlos today ... I miss him. I hope that it's beautiful where you are now!

Your friend, Fleur
Jul 19 2009 18:24 GMT ArlenTavares
caro amigo,hoje estais no plano superior de nosso Deus, nas saiba que você deixou um grande legado aqui pela sua passagem na terra, as vezes mim deparo com tantas belezas que brotou do teu coração e que tua alma trouxe para nosso olhos ver, descança em paz, que Deus te acolha em seus braços de misericordia.
Sep 09 2009 14:33 GMT choices
This still puts tears in my heart :(
Oct 27 2009 23:16 GMT Milibuh
Siempre en mi recuerdo, mis oraciones con ustedes ...
Oct 31 2009 19:32 GMT sabiah
Sempre me lembro de voce e sinto muito sua partida precoce. Saudades da colega.
Nov 01 2009 14:29 GMT Studio88
We Miss U Carlos And Wife! Hope You're Looking Down At Us From Heaven!
Nov 01 2009 23:42 GMT nimbus
Dec 22 2009 13:28 GMT GeoffReeves
God bless
Feb 13 2010 16:32 GMT Milibuh
Partió también el otro Carlos, espero estén juntos !!!
Mar 18 2010 23:28 GMT choices
Je passe encore pour vous saluer, vous envoyer une fleur, une larme, une pensée... Merci du coeur!
Jun 25 2010 23:20 GMT onichek
Miss you, Carlos! A heart-felt hug from down here...
Jul 07 2010 01:15 GMT Mulder
I haven't posted in a while, but... not so far ago, as I was shooting people at the street, many people came to my mind, you were among those thoughts. An inspiration, from up to below. "Photography is an act of remembrance", and as your subjects, we don't forget you
Oct 19 2010 02:13 GMT Milibuh
Siempre en el recuerdo ...
May 04 2011 22:06 GMT helton
how can we forget you..Carlos..?..never..my brother.!! .( Como esquecer de vc..Carlos..que saudade meu manooooo ))
Jun 18 2011 16:32 GMT sabiah
..... today I want to say: amigo é coisa para se guardar do lado esquerdo do peito. Pô bicho....que falta que vc faz aqui. Miss you.
Nov 08 2011 00:24 GMT rosas
Querido, passei por aqui só pra dizer que sinto a sua falta!
Que vocês estejam bem!
Com muito carinho,

Feb 09 2012 01:32 GMT Milibuh
Hoy los recordé !!!
May 17 2012 22:21 GMT charlotte

Jun 02 2012 15:41 GMT ArlenTavares
amigo hoje volto aqui pra lembrar do grande trabalho que vc deixou, lembro-me de quando inicie aqui e tu mim deu força aos meu humilde trabalho, que no plano espiritual possa estar fotografando coisas belas, feita por Deus.... saudades eternasssss
Jul 26 2012 01:31 GMT freebaby1
My dearest,
I am Jenifer, I saw your contact and get interest actually, i seek for true friendship and
partner so i contact you and it pleased me to email you please contact me to know more about you,I know a true friend is a gift from God. I will be happy to see your mail and also to send you my pictures and more details about me! contact me direct on this my id not in the site,



Hope to hear from you

Thanks Jenifer
Jun 15 2013 20:38 GMT GeoffReeves
It still makes me sad..God Bless
Nov 07 2013 12:43 GMT Milibuh
Una oración por ustedes...