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Assignment 3: Framing

"A Walkway to Remember"
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Comments on this photo:

Feb 08 2010 16:18 GMT patobe
So romantic so creative, you always choose great angles,

Feb 08 2010 18:09 GMT maryswann
wow i love the light effect and shawdows
Feb 08 2010 19:37 GMT GillianThompson
Very nice. Perhaps you could of cropped the photo a bit more to crate more of a focus on the door ahead.
Feb 08 2010 20:21 GMT alynch
Thisis a very nice portrait. The light that casts a shadow against the floor gives it a very romantic effect as well.
Feb 09 2010 01:49 GMT Valencia777
The candles all the way at the end make it different and add a great touch.
Feb 09 2010 04:26 GMT CAL1128
This is a beautiful frame, the shadows and light really makes a differents.
Feb 10 2010 01:46 GMT MikeBowie4444
I like the arches it adds to the framing ascept. maybe you could darken the sides to make the light really shine. Good job
Feb 10 2010 14:22 GMT rock
Fantastic idea and great pic!
Feb 10 2010 18:41 GMT tennilleshuster
I agree with Mike in that I like seeing both doorways - it adds to the framing aspect. You need to rotate this image though so that it sits perfectly level. Just slightly counter-clockwise, and then crop out the chair on the bottom right of the frame. Seeing only that tiny bit is distracting.
Feb 10 2010 20:42 GMT Dafni9220
A doorway to another doorway... very cool...!!
Feb 12 2010 13:36 GMT aallred
I really like this picture and how the light reflects off the ceiling and walls. I agree that if this image was cropped just slightly on either side it would make the effect more intense. But otherwise, great job!
Feb 16 2010 19:06 GMT LatishaG
Thanks for all of your feedback. I agree that it is still a work in progress. With the finishing touches, I think it will be a great photo!