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Tags root bulb yuma


A vegetable that surprised me aka. The Yuma Experience

This, clearly earthly, turnip/potato like vegetable disgusted me the moment I cut a piece of it.

I have never expected a vegetable to repel me so much. I undestand, other foods, perhaps something with fur/mucus/claws/tentacles/pincers/whiskers/carapace/ somethins that has once been ALIVE (alternatively, something smelly) but an edible plant?

The crispy sound it gave out while being cut reminded of biting into a fresh apple (or rather breaking out bird's wing), but I haven't expected this rooty thing to be so juicy! The white inside was drenched with some sticky liquid that could remind of nothing else than ... saliva. Very sticky spit. Like one of an alien. Maybe it is an equivalent of vegetable blood? I felt like a yuma killer.

Disgusted, I still had to try in in its raw state. Tasted with nothing. If you are looking for taste equivalent of a cosmic void here it is - in the vegetable paradoxically called yuma. aybe it's because one can add to it a taste of one's ... taste? When I salted it it tasted like ... salt.
Despite its fresh crispiness and juicy (saliva!) texture I decided to cook it. The smell reminend me of ... kindergarden. The fact that I come from Poland does not shed any light on this. I think that the saliva/blood juice had some lactose content, for the smell it extracted was slightly milky and the soft (yet still retaining their crispiness) pieces tasted a bit sweet. Wit salt and pepper - yuma :)

Overal evaluation: it as a potential. Nevertheless the kitchen after this experimend looked like it had been visited by a huge starving alien with bad eating manners. Or, as if this very alien had a sneezing attack in there. Let's better not go into it further...
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