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As I promised to junne (Gunter) that I shall upload a few street bathing which locals do just in front of my house.
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Comments on this photo:

Nov 28 2013 15:39 GMT wijnie58
Thats sad to see that some people must bathing on the street,,:-))
Nov 28 2013 16:53 GMT hans55 PRO
very sad ...a different world for us !
Nov 28 2013 17:50 GMT senna3
A telling image.
Nov 28 2013 17:51 GMT skyball
A very poignant sight Lalbabu.........
Nov 28 2013 18:23 GMT larrybenedict
Public water supply?
Nov 28 2013 19:03 GMT Annamaria
Good shot.... sometimes its good to see how blessed we are here!!
Nov 28 2013 19:56 GMT T1MELESS PRO
It is a shame that they have to bath there, but at least they have clean water !!!
Nov 28 2013 21:22 GMT junne PRO
absolutely fantastic ! is about time that we see some real pictures :-)))

sad ? i don't think so. they never knew indoor plumbing, you don't miss what you never had. to me, i judge by what i see. and i tell you, my neighbors in america had everything. but hardly ever smiled. the poor i see in all these countries seem happier, not weighed down by possessions. they often have a happy smile on their faces.
Nov 29 2013 10:37 GMT abojovna PRO
The water is the biggest problem in the world also for the future !
Nov 29 2013 13:21 GMT Lalbabu
Yes Larry it is public water supply by Calcutta Municipal Corporation free of cost.
Nov 29 2013 13:23 GMT Lalbabu
I agree with you Gunter what you have said about 'sad'.
Dec 02 2013 16:14 GMT Snappa1
You don't fancy joining in then? (lol)
Jan 18 2014 04:37 GMT Siddhartha
Good shot