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This is again for junne.Some of my friends commented on my last upload that it is sad that people bathe on the streets and in open,the fact is that in most of the South East Asian countries the cities are so densely populated that it becomes impossible for the respective governments to provide a good bathroom for each and every family.Nowadays in India specially in the cities some community bathrooms are being constructed but these are located in such places that only those who live nearby can avail of the service,so those who live in distance have to bathe openly on the street.Moreover,in hot countries like ours people also like to take bath in open air.In India, specially in the villages,men,women,children take bath in ponds openly and without any shame.It's a very very common practice,anybody who passes through the villages can experience this.
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Comments on this photo:

Nov 29 2013 15:08 GMT senna3
Great daily life picture and thanks for the detailed information!
Nov 29 2013 17:24 GMT SpiderScience
Whoa! It is common?! I wish those people could have a better life! :(
Nov 29 2013 17:38 GMT skyball
We all have our different cultural ways,and if we are born in to it we are used to it:-)
Nov 29 2013 17:40 GMT Lalbabu
You are absolutely correct Geoff.
Nov 29 2013 19:40 GMT hans55 PRO
as i said before ..a differnt world for us !!
Nov 29 2013 21:11 GMT junne PRO
we can also learn to get used to it, when necessity strikes.
Nov 30 2013 09:31 GMT wijnie58
I agree with SpiderScience..:-))
Nov 30 2013 14:36 GMT abojovna PRO
I agree with junne !
Jan 18 2014 16:21 GMT superJoan
We are getting over populated now, and with different cultures ..who knows. this may sometime in the distant future, be a scene in our country...At least these people are keeping themselves nice and clean....abeit for all the world to see...