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Feeling very well right now.

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Taken on black and white film some 35 years back using one of my frist camera Asahi Pentax.Processed in home made darkroom.
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 12 2015 14:10 GMT larrybenedict
Todays digital cameras make film look somewhat primitive by comparison. Are there deer in the wild where you live? I, too, had a Pentax camera 'back in the day' and I thought it took wonderful photos. My cell phone does a better job than any of my old film cameras. When digital camera first appeared on the market, I recall thinking they would never amount to much.....I was seriously mistaken!
Oct 12 2015 14:13 GMT senna3
A nice memory image and a fine Monday entry!
Oct 12 2015 14:24 GMT Lalbabu
Larry I live in the jungle of big rises,this was taken in nearby zoo.Like you I too was mistaken,I had film cameras of from Nikon models were FT2,F90X,FM,FM2 and lastly F80D with so many lenses.Thanks for the comment.
Oct 12 2015 14:26 GMT Lalbabu
Thank you Peter,you are always one of the frist commentators on my upload.
Oct 12 2015 16:20 GMT martini957
Cool old shot and animalmonday entry
Oct 12 2015 18:09 GMT Lalbabu
Thank you Nancy.
Oct 12 2015 18:16 GMT peterpinhole
A fine entry from your archives....photography has come such a long way from the pinhole hasn't it?
Oct 12 2015 19:54 GMT MargNZ
A great capture all those years ago Lalbabu :)
Oct 12 2015 20:59 GMT qtreiber
Great shot!
14 hours ago skyball
A lovely catch from the old camera Lalbabu!!..my first was a Kodak brownie box!!:-))
12 hours ago bandsix
Good one for animal Monday.....and memory Tuesday, too!
8 hours ago Lalbabu
Yes Peter from pinhole to smartphone photography has evolved a long way,today's iPhones can even matched qualified DSLRs,thanks for the comment.
8 hours ago Lalbabu
Thanks Margaret.
8 hours ago Lalbabu
Thanks qtreiber.
8 hours ago Lalbabu
Many thanks Geoff,my father had a Kodak brownie box in his frist photography period.
8 hours ago Lalbabu
Thanks Barbara,agree with you it's also a memory Tuesday shot.
7 hours ago ForestSpirit
A charming shot of these deer from pre-digital days! I also started with a brownie box (aged 8), followed by several other slightly more sophisticated cameras, but photography only became a proper hobby when I discovered digital. SO much easier now!
1 hour ago saffi9
love it
1 hour ago mamontof
Memory great, memory about hay, why all side details behind capture-that priceless!