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Comments on this photo:

Jan 20 2007 21:14 GMT Nightporter
Welcome to Fotothing!
Jan 20 2007 22:06 GMT Ladyb
Jan 20 2007 23:04 GMT Midworlder PRO
Nice composition, very smart
Jan 20 2007 23:05 GMT Martijn
I agree with midwolder, great idea.
Jan 20 2007 23:08 GMT Ladyb
thanks, I had another idea but I cant find the right angle, but this one is close
Jan 20 2007 23:28 GMT Midworlder PRO
keep experimenting that is what is so good about digital .. I only got interested in photography resonably seriously 6 months ago when I stumbled on this site .. never would have been able to experiment before digital .. too costly .. as it is my SLR is non digital I need to update !!!
Just a clue .. if replying click on reply button .. or person won't know .. I thought I'd come back & check
Jan 20 2007 23:42 GMT Ladyb
thanks, I got 2 in one shot so I didnt want to post 2ce. I am in a photography class and my professor sent us here, I am not really a picture poster but this site has lots of interesting things on it, I will keep an eye on things and ask questions if you dont mind, but keep sending pointers I appreciate it!
Jan 20 2007 23:59 GMT Midworlder PRO
You are welcome .. As you will see in my profile I am not a Professional .. The Pro is just a title for those who pay a small annual fee in support of the site and get a few extra benefits ..
The best things I here from people here is that the people are friendly, there is fun and theme days which make you concentrate and also see other styles & learn .. the forums cover good info .. you can get advice by asking those that can help but it is not super critical as other sites apparently are where your postings get ripped to pieces by so-called experts ..

My photography has improved without asking advice, just by experimenting and looking at different styles and things here.

I am interested to see how you go so if you don't mind I'll add you as a friend so I can keep track of things as you go .. :))

Good luck and enjoy .. what you get out of it is up to what you put in to some degree ..

Jan 21 2007 23:48 GMT Ladyb
Your pics look professional though, I am getting into this a looking a little deeper because of this. Theme day may be fun, this may be one class I REALLY enjoy and continue after!