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Maybe they're some influences of Peter's shots (about the great symmetry)
I only wanted reach the perfection haha

In Colmar, as in the whole Alsace region, you can find many of german impacts (Pat can affirm it :)
Here you can see Le Petite Schlossberg, which is even mix of french and german language, and what do they serve inside equal also this traditional affects (in alphabetical order):
Baeckoffe: boiled meat and potatoes marinated in white wine
Bibeleskäs: soft white cheese with shallots and fried potatoes
Choucroute: refers to both the dish and the vegetable which can be garnished with grilled saveloy or fish
Fleischkiechle: spicy meatballs
Fleischnecke: ("meat snails") boiled beef rolled up in lasagna-type bands of pasta
Grumbeerekiechle: potato flat cakes
Kassler: smoked pork fillets
Knepfle: dumplings, made of mashed potatoes, egg yolks and flour
Kougelhopf: tall, sweet pastry for breakfast or afternoon tea
Lewerknepfle: pig´s liver dumplings
Presskopf: parsleyed pork headcheese
Saumagen: stuffed pork stomach
Schiffala: shoulder of pork marinated in white wine
Spätzle: Alsatian noodles
Sueri Nierli: Veal or pork kidneys cooked in vinegar
Wädele: small pork knuckle

Who's of you is already hungry?! ;-))
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Comments on this photo:

Apr 14 2009 15:46 GMT Katarzycho
beautiful picture!
Apr 14 2009 15:58 GMT kosmos PRO
So many beautiful pictures in a row! :)
Apr 14 2009 17:33 GMT caferr
great shot and also nice series...
Apr 14 2009 17:52 GMT PaP67
Damned not possible to drool not over these dishes that i know of course, but not in their English translation !
perfect job, you already tasted them all ?!
I want just give a few details about the alsatian choucroute which is not from bavarian origine here ( usual cliché ) > grilled saveloy ( meaning of saveloy ? parts of the pig ?..)
don't forget our region is lean back on the Rhine, so in his origin there were many fishermen, and this choucroute was served with fishes and not " saveloy "
Apr 14 2009 18:04 GMT yvon
we have been there longggggg time ago Fantastic to see it again
Apr 15 2009 06:08 GMT senna3
Very symmetric architecture indeed and perfectly captured!
Apr 15 2009 10:01 GMT Squirrel PRO
BEAUTIFUL CORNER HOUSE.....................................................
Dec 11 2009 12:24 GMT PaP67
now it's done, i've lunched there ! .....une choucroute !
Dec 11 2009 13:21 GMT LadyDaisy
Super! In two weeks I will have it for Christmas Eve too :-)
Dec 30 2009 09:32 GMT ThorBeverley PRO
Another place I now want to visit!