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Just playing with PS....
Hope you like it...
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Comments on this photo:

May 01 2007 07:09 GMT AlisonBC
it's like a car advert :o)
May 01 2007 07:10 GMT klingklingeling
good morning :-) Glad to see you back. :_) House is ready?
May 01 2007 07:16 GMT Kurt
Haha..nahh..it will never be ready ;-))
I worked hard in the garden the last few days...but today I'll just relaxe...I'm tired, and my old back hurts...;-))
May 01 2007 07:26 GMT klingklingeling
you need some rest now :-)

You should sit in the garden to see and enjoy what you have done the last days :-)
May 01 2007 07:49 GMT PaP67
superbe présentation !
May 01 2007 10:49 GMT caferr
well done...
May 01 2007 17:59 GMT jceca PRO
say thanks to your old back !!! you've got a time for playing .... :-))
yepppp, i like it !!!!
May 01 2007 19:38 GMT Ini
This one is fantastic ..... MORE THEN BEAUTIFUL..:-))
May 01 2007 21:49 GMT indiana
great work!
May 02 2007 11:58 GMT Olympe1961
Yes ! I like it : I think this superb car will come on my desk !!! Where is this superb village, Kurt ???
May 02 2007 14:25 GMT Kurt
The village is my favourite Italian place, called Olevano Romano....
and I'm afraid, that the car isnt mine :-(
It's a Porsche, Cayenne, which is not payable here in Denmark...
at least not for my kind of money..
May 02 2007 20:11 GMT rose79
oh my good???!!!!
May 03 2007 06:56 GMT suzannesmash
Kurt, If you help me out with some hammering I can ehee...lol do your garden? And credit you about 5 coffee.

And..goodmorning to you, dont work to much and enjoy your coffee
May 03 2007 21:01 GMT bertel
I do for sure ;o)))
May 09 2007 07:02 GMT Mia87
this is great!
May 09 2007 15:09 GMT jceca PRO
afternooon, Kurt !!!
how the things are going ???
May 10 2007 09:01 GMT Sharhamin
I love cars, like Manny, and I love this for sure... the capture is so vivid and clear, I feel I can touch the hood...
May 10 2007 11:33 GMT LizSA
Kurt...thankyou for your comment....I did not mean to forget your birthday...
the reason was I was not at home to post you a birthday card....
May 3.... and me and you all the same year born...sorry dear friend....
shall I post you a belated birthday card......you and Seamus...Lukesta
I was not home...!!
May 10 2007 11:43 GMT Kurt
haha...dont worry, dear Lizsa....I only mentioned it for fun...
It doesnt matter...I wasnt even home myself...
And it's not your "duty" to bring out these things....I couldnt
remember all those birthdays myself...
But thanks anyway for all your best wishes. You are a true friend..;-)
May 10 2007 12:04 GMT klingklingeling
Hey i found out that i missed your birthday. I am soooo sorry and i hope you will forgive me.

All the best for you. May all your wishes come true.

May 10 2007 12:54 GMT Kurt
Thanks alot, dear Kling..
Nothing to celebrate really....I have tried it sooo many times now..haha
May 10 2007 13:35 GMT LizSA
You tried to celebrate your birthday....yes.....it does not really happen, hey..!!
actually just another day....but still....birthday is birthday....
I made a sort of a calender with the names we have on the website...
May 11 2007 08:24 GMT marijke06
you can play with ps, don't play while driving the car...:)
May 11 2007 15:09 GMT litz
Belated happy birthday dear friend Kurt....
excuse me for being late...time still so hectic!!!
May 12 2007 07:51 GMT suzannesmash
Hey Kurt, goodmorning...how is it going over there with everything?
May 12 2007 13:09 GMT Kurt
Damn busy, dear Suz..
I still work hard...and I lost 11 kg..;-)
Have a great weekend..
May 12 2007 13:39 GMT nicoalfredo
NICE JOB !!!!!!!!!!!!
May 15 2007 22:41 GMT LisaSam67
lol keep playing.... loving them
May 20 2007 18:17 GMT faenzu
Great work well done!!!