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Tags gold monk


This is a statue of a monk, I found inside a beautiful temple in Phuket/Thailand.. People came and put little "leaves" of pure gold on his head...
Why? Hmmm...I really dont know, but maybe our good friend Poulet can explain this???
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Comments on this photo:

Dec 16 2008 10:19 GMT losp
007 and Gold Finger .. Now, Kurt and the Thai golden
monk :-) .. Interesting deposits of little "leaves" of pure
gold on his head by worshippers, probably asking for
his blessings .. Excellent find & capture for display at FT !
Dec 16 2008 10:36 GMT lalewa
Yes, I'd like to know and hear from Poulet..(^.^)
Dec 16 2008 11:58 GMT Poulet PRO
I'm here to explain!! ;))

To glid gold leavesonto a statue of a monk is another politely way to pay respect to that monk (which pass away) and some believe that his/her life would shine like a gold.

Kurt, did you took this shot from Wat Chalong? :))
Dec 16 2008 12:37 GMT Kurt
Thanks for your explanation...it makes sense ;-)
And yes...actually I think it was from Wat Chalong (I couldnt remember the name, but now, that you mention it, I think it was there). I have alot of other pictures from that temple to show later. Then you might be able to tell, if it's the right temple. I guess you have been there since you know?
Dec 16 2008 13:16 GMT Poulet PRO
You're welcome, Kurt.
And, yes, i've been there for almost 10 times. ;-))
Dec 17 2008 11:40 GMT Mia87
thanks for sharing the info and this great image:)
Dec 17 2008 14:14 GMT litz
impressive golden image captured of a monk..!!!
Feb 16 2009 22:41 GMT torlau PRO
Godt taget fra en god vinkel. Farverne helt i top..