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Aaarggg.....look what I found in my shower this morning...
It was HUGE, but as a real hero, I did the only right thing...
I yelled at my wife and said: "GET IT OUT OF HERE - NOW"..
and she just took a piece of paper and brought him out in the garden..
Hmmmm ;-)))
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Comments on this photo:

Aug 23 2007 06:40 GMT mrsSharma
hahahah sweet spider
Aug 23 2007 06:42 GMT marijke06
you are reading books under the shower?..:))
great image again kurt!
Aug 23 2007 06:43 GMT Blandine
what a wonderful work ,Kurt ! But I don' like the spider ( in your shower ahaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!
Aug 23 2007 08:43 GMT sini
Great work!:)
Aug 23 2007 11:59 GMT jceca PRO
this fellows are very common in my house too ...
and all kind of bugs as well ...

btw, they are here right because of those bugs !!! you know, they use to eat them ...

so .. this one is in your garden now ... and ... could you guess my point ?
you'll find some scary bug in your shower tomorrow morning !!!!!
no spider to eat it !!!

already could hear your screaaaaaaaam !!!! :D
Aug 23 2007 19:23 GMT Ini
And you made there one beautiful pic - from ..well done~~
Aug 24 2007 05:25 GMT LisaSam67
brave woman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aug 24 2007 07:57 GMT torlau PRO
Godt fundet på Kurt..
A spiderbook....Fantasien mangler ikke noget..

Ha' en god weekend...

Aug 25 2007 09:01 GMT dcz
great work. terror.
Aug 27 2007 08:11 GMT Olympe1961
You do exactly as I do : I don't kill spiders but I catch them to put them outside too... Your image of this spider is superb, brave Kurt !!!
Aug 28 2007 15:43 GMT pauli3522