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Who wants a bite of an italian gorgonzola-cheese with raw egg and raw onions??
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Comments on this photo:

Sep 17 2007 06:53 GMT cikku
It looks nice and apetizing but I'm not sure about the raw egg. They say that raw eggs may lead to Salmonella!!
Sep 17 2007 07:24 GMT AlisonBelinda
Not sure about the raw egg either! It LOOKS beautiful though :o)
Sep 17 2007 07:25 GMT Kurt
Yes, you are right, cikku..but if you "boil" the egg for a few seconds, theres no danger at all..;-))
Sep 17 2007 08:33 GMT dcz
Sep 17 2007 09:06 GMT cikku
Well then, if you don't mind I would like to have some, if there is any left by now! :o)
Sep 17 2007 09:07 GMT Bali
Yummy breakfast!!!!!!!:)
Sep 17 2007 11:08 GMT torlau PRO
hej kurt !
Jeg ved ikke hvordan det smager, men flot ser det ud...
Sep 17 2007 19:17 GMT jceca PRO
ahhhh .... i HATE onion !!!!!!
upload some sweets, please ... :-))
Sep 17 2007 20:36 GMT bertel
det kan man sgu da ik´spise !!!!!
Sep 18 2007 09:41 GMT LizSA
No.. I do not like the raw onion...:-))
The bread and cheese looks good....thanks....the toppings...??
Sep 18 2007 10:25 GMT suzannesmash
I can take the onions, BUT no thanks no cheese and no raw eggs..lol
Sep 18 2007 14:13 GMT Rasle
Jeg troede lige i første "kik" at det var den Bornholmske specialitet "Sol over Gudhjem" er det ikke sådan det hedder, men det er da vist noget med røget sild og rå æggeblomme.... Ikke lige en spise efter min smag! Og Kurt - de der rå løg giver ekstrem dårlig ånde!! :-))) Men go´appetit!!