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Tags artfriday

1215 views 1 person's favourite photo

Here's my entry for "Artfriday"...;-)
This is "Diana", and I found her in Villa DŽeste in Tivoli/Italy.
So ladies...beat her, if you can ;-))
And if you cant...then have a great weekend ;-))
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 12 2007 06:46 GMT sini
Amazing! Great entry!:)
Oct 12 2007 07:30 GMT Hamin PRO
Brilliant - a 10 ! wow !
Oct 12 2007 07:33 GMT klingklingeling
Hahaaa good entry Kurt. Have a wonderfull weekend too :-)
(If you ask me we dont even have a chance to beat her )
Oct 12 2007 10:03 GMT csabi
great entry !
Oct 12 2007 11:08 GMT Poulet PRO
Hahhaaaaaaaa.............Great find, Kurt!
Great shot and entry!
I can't beat her! LOL

Thanks for your wish, Kurt!
Have a beautiful weekend. :))
Oct 12 2007 11:41 GMT suzannesmash
AWWW...ok, just wait...LOL i have to take some pics...

Thats GREAT entry and i take a cab now so we can have that coffee
Oct 12 2007 12:27 GMT jceca PRO
ehmmmm .... she is unique, i'd say ....
oh well, i'm not in a competition mood anyway !!! :-))

great photo !!!!!
Oct 12 2007 13:01 GMT abojovna PRO
Nice entry!
Oct 12 2007 14:21 GMT marijke06
extraordinary entry!!
Oct 12 2007 14:22 GMT marijke06
....and I think I best take a nice weekend now ! :))
Oct 12 2007 16:05 GMT jomoud PRO
Excellent contribution to this week's theme.
Have a wonderful weekend.
Oct 12 2007 16:55 GMT torlau PRO
Super amazing picture...
Hooo hooo. I have, had, a big laughter when i saw your work to "artfriday". It was the text to the foto. Super text...
Hoo hoo.. : -) :-)
This foto I will remember for a long time..
Added to my favorite..
Oct 12 2007 22:37 GMT grumpyoldtrout
Superb find and capture, lol
Oct 12 2007 23:09 GMT joca
what do you mean, beat her???? LOL , I already have lots of trouble with only my two, let alone ten (?)!!!! Great entry!
Oct 13 2007 00:50 GMT Shiloh824
I was there this past July. It was incredible, and not too many people seem to go to Tivoli, but if they do, Villa d'este is the place to see. My favorite was the 100 Fountains though, that long stretch of them... of course I stepped on frogs, but that's Tivoli. Wonderful shot. You have the sun on your side for such picturesque lighting.
Oct 13 2007 01:31 GMT Urselle
hihihihi this is funny!!!! nice entry kurt have a good weekend!
Oct 13 2007 13:42 GMT LizSA
Diana.. she surely are beautiful....what a magnificent photo and art..

Shiloh, how sad we cannot just travel permantly, I do not even
know where it is, but would surely like to see it... I love Fountains.
Oct 13 2007 18:22 GMT bertel
Jamen jeg vidste jo der var en kvinde til mig et eller andet sted i verden ;o))))))))
Jeg tager lige et brusebad
Oct 14 2007 19:10 GMT megmet PRO
Great entry...hope you had a good weekend too!