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stay there, i will get u one day !
-what's the probability of getting what you want from toys vending ?

me, hope to get inspired this weekend :))
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Comments on this photo:

Nov 11 2005 07:47 GMT bluefam
nice toy. happy weekend.
Nov 11 2005 07:57 GMT Poulet PRO
wo....may i have one?? ;b
lovely shot, Kriszti!!

Nov 11 2005 08:16 GMT maiylah
none, i think!
tried that, never got even one!!!!! :((
or maybe i should try again, huh?!! ;))

have an inspiring weekend, Kriszti! :))
Nov 11 2005 08:19 GMT Glo
:D nice weekend my friend!
have you tried to get one of those?
Nov 11 2005 08:29 GMT Kriszti
maiylah : dont tell that to a kid..crushed him/her :D

Glo : i tried :))..but not the one ,i want :p

poulet : no way (as a kid will tell u) try your luck ;))
Nov 11 2005 08:34 GMT latif
have a nice weekend
Nov 11 2005 08:35 GMT maiylah
Kriszti, tried telling that to a kid and he wouldn't believe me!!!
admired that kid's decision to try it himself... :))
Nov 11 2005 08:49 GMT Kriszti
maiylah, true..kids these days.. (boy, i sound old)
Nov 11 2005 08:59 GMT DGM
Its a racket... Youll never get one!
Nov 11 2005 10:19 GMT will
Is that the one u wanted, the ducky? Hope you get it, have a great weekend...!!
Nov 11 2005 10:23 GMT moonlily
Lovely...enjoy ur weekend :)
Nov 11 2005 10:27 GMT Kriszti
will : u got it, u see it's looking at me ,too ;)

DGM: u are wrong ..if i buy the whole machine ..hehe , of course, no kick :p

moon : thanks, you enjoy ,too :))
Nov 11 2005 11:00 GMT will
This is operating on the principle that the more that there's something you see and can't have it, the more you feel you just got to have it...!! I could elaborate..!!! he he
Nov 11 2005 11:28 GMT saboytjie
have crazy cool week-end....!
Nov 11 2005 11:29 GMT saboytjie
...and hope you get inspired...
Nov 11 2005 13:06 GMT charlotte
I wanna resque that sweet thing insite the bubble
Nov 11 2005 13:51 GMT magiceye
thx........u too!!!!
Nov 11 2005 14:20 GMT starlightfish
may your wish comes true :)
Nov 11 2005 16:12 GMT PhotoPro PRO
My youngest son tried for years to get what he wanted... usually had to settle.

Have a great weekend!
Nov 11 2005 18:50 GMT Kriszti
Photo pro : for years!!! gosh, i will be broke !!

From: Freshchu
Nov 11 2005 17:28:24 GMT
Have a great weekend!

> thanks guys for your funny/witty/enlightening/sweet comments , i truly enjoyed :)))

> charlotte, you're so sweet!
> PROFESSOR WILL - thanks for the theory !