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Up close shot of one of the most appetising looking Lecso (Lecho) . To some who are interested in trying , here is the recipe..

5 large onions (cut them into half and slice them)
6 large cubanell or european style of green peppers (sliced into rings)(Do not use green bell peppers they have a bitter flavor.)
4 large very ripe tomatoes peeled and diced. If the skin is hard to peel put them into hot water for a minutes, then try it again.
150g. of bacon (cut into cubes)
250g. of smoked sausage (cut into rings)
1 Tbs. of ketchup
1.1/2 tsp. salt
1/4 tsp. grated black pepper
1.1/2 Tbs. of sugar
1.1/2 Tbs. of paprika

Fry the bacon cubes medium brown in a large frying pan. If you find it not fatty enough, add a few tablespoon of oil. Sprinkle with paprika and add sliced onions. Cook it for 2 minutes and throw all the ingredients and spices into the pan. Cook it for 1/2 hour with occasional stirring.
Taste to see if more salt or sugar is needed.

Some notes:
1. Serve with bread.
2. Can be frozen. The taste will be as fresh.
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Comments on this photo:

Sep 03 2005 21:20 GMT AndersUllberg

Sep 04 2005 06:24 GMT kimtarh
Wah :) I am hungry already. HEy fellow Malaysian How are you. I am from Penang, and where are you from? which state:0

Warmest Regards
Sep 04 2005 08:09 GMT Kriszti
Hi! Kimtarh,
Am from Selangor. So, you are from 'food heavan'. I shall visit Penang again next year :)
Sep 04 2005 08:10 GMT Kriszti
Hi AndersUllberg! You'll like the taste of fresh tomatoes, onions and green peppers in this dish.
Sep 05 2005 02:09 GMT AmericanPainter
Yum! This just looks so delicious....I have to try it, many thanks for the receipe!!!!!
Sep 05 2005 12:11 GMT Kriszti
let me know if you like the taste
Sep 05 2005 12:27 GMT maiylah
looks and sound tasty!
thanks for the recipe... :)
Sep 05 2005 13:58 GMT Kriszti
Happy trying :)
Sep 05 2005 14:04 GMT maiylah
i just might, though i don't know where i will be able to find those cubanell green peppers here... :)
Sep 05 2005 16:30 GMT rolcsita
Ketchupot a lecsóba? Jaj...!
Sep 05 2005 17:04 GMT Kriszti
:p (pirul)
Sep 05 2005 19:54 GMT agoston
A ketchupot leszámítva kíváló recept! Hasonló módon készítem én is. A fénykép pedig legalább olyan jól sikerült, mint amilyen ennek a kíváló lecsónak az íze lehet. Na, megéheztem....
Sep 06 2005 12:39 GMT Photoeditor
Thank you for your generosity in giving us the photo and the recipe.
Large hearted person. Thanks for the sharing.
Sep 06 2005 20:55 GMT aljazlan
....typical like 'bubur lambuk' huh?

Sep 07 2005 06:13 GMT Kriszti
aljazlan, 'bubur lambuk' has more spices where as this dish more of tomato base :)
Sep 07 2005 07:01 GMT bm4
Sep 07 2005 14:41 GMT bazooker
i feel i'm hungry)
Sep 07 2005 16:32 GMT charlotte
Sep 08 2005 08:30 GMT mateo
very nice, look's goooood, Must trying this