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These cherry trees line the footpaths of The Stray in Harrogate and always remind me of home, especially when they are in blossom.

The Stray is an area of open parkland some 200 acres (800,000 m²) in size that runs through the centre of the town. The Harrogate Stray was created in 1778 by an act of Parliament. The act fixed the size of the Stray at 200 acres (0.8 km2), and even now when part of it is removed, due to road expansion etc, it must be replaced elsewhere. During the Victorian period, part of the Stray hosted a racecourse for horses. It was created to link together most of Harrogate's springs in one protected area. Now people use it for picnics, kite flying and football.
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 23 2009 17:11 GMT Carroot
i love tree's when they blossom :]
lovely shot
Jan 23 2009 17:32 GMT Minz PRO
What a gloreous shot - Sigh - Things to come and look forward to.
Excellent photograph.
Jan 23 2009 17:33 GMT megmet PRO
I've often seen this place, but never with these lovely trees in bloom....lovely shot!
Jan 23 2009 18:17 GMT yvon
great Spring is coming!!
Jan 23 2009 18:31 GMT hans55 PRO
beautyfull ...not yet spring here !!! :-(
Jan 23 2009 19:15 GMT mcdonegal1 PRO
Really beautiful! Great choice for your entry! Thank you for all the information too
Jan 23 2009 19:35 GMT jomoud PRO
Beautiful capture my friend.
Excellent entry for this week's theme.
Great that you did not forget about the theme despite FT being down:)
Have a wonderful weekend.
Jan 23 2009 19:47 GMT sini
Beautiful trees and landmark entry!:)
Jan 23 2009 19:58 GMT Midworlder PRO
What a pretty scene, thank you
Jan 24 2009 16:52 GMT Koren
Thank you Caroot ;o)
Jan 24 2009 16:52 GMT Koren
Thank you Minz ;o)
Jan 24 2009 16:53 GMT Koren
Hi Megmet, they are lovely but a few months to go ywt unitl we see them again - its supposed to snow tomorrow!
Jan 24 2009 16:53 GMT Koren
sadly not yet, these are from last year ;o)
Jan 24 2009 16:54 GMT Koren
Thanks Hans, its not here yet either ;o(
Jan 24 2009 16:54 GMT Koren
Mary, thank you ;o)
Jan 24 2009 16:55 GMT Koren
Thank you John ;o)
Jan 24 2009 16:55 GMT Koren
Thank you Sini ;o)
Jan 24 2009 16:56 GMT Koren
Thank you Roger, they are lovely ;o)
Jan 24 2009 17:04 GMT ThorBeverley PRO
Stunning picture - makes me want to visit Harrogate!
Jan 24 2009 17:06 GMT Koren
Thank you, better wait for the blossom to come out though, they're not so pretty at the moment!!
Jan 24 2009 17:33 GMT yvon
oke than we have to wait...
Jan 25 2009 00:54 GMT wifey
A most enchanting place.
Jan 25 2009 01:00 GMT kumarr
Jan 25 2009 04:02 GMT karlbark
Really beautiful!!

Best regards,
Karl Trausti from Iceland
Jan 26 2009 20:14 GMT dougrun PRO
Wonderful image, Koren! Come on spring!!!
Jan 26 2009 20:15 GMT dougrun PRO
BTW, it looks great on my desktop, hope you don't mind, reminds me of warmer weather.. :-))
Jan 26 2009 21:05 GMT Koren
Doug, I don't mind at all, just pleased its bringing a bit of pleasure to someone ;o))
Jan 26 2009 21:06 GMT Koren
Thank you Wifey, it is lovely but sadly for only a few weeks
Jan 26 2009 21:07 GMT Koren
Thank you Kumar
Jan 26 2009 21:07 GMT Koren
Karl, thank you ;o)
Jan 27 2009 13:25 GMT otilia
Jan 28 2009 12:25 GMT Jolie1981
That is a stunning photo!
Jan 28 2009 20:33 GMT Koren
Thank you Jolie ;o)
Jan 29 2009 02:34 GMT klemmie01
Just a beautiful shot! Love to visit someday! Here in Canada we received 1 1/2 feet of snow today, so I am missing the beautiful buried nature!
Jan 29 2009 07:36 GMT marijke06
just wonderful!
Jan 29 2009 17:03 GMT firelight
Like a dreammy path
Jan 29 2009 18:44 GMT Koren
thank you Klemmie, we never get that much snow, it feels like we get that much rain though!! lol ;o)
Jan 29 2009 18:46 GMT Koren
Marijke - thank you ;o)
Jan 29 2009 18:46 GMT Koren
Thank you firelight - pleased you like it ;o)
Jan 30 2009 10:10 GMT Koren
Thanks Magenta ;o)
Jan 31 2009 03:57 GMT hbla PRO
oh my gosh this is gorgeous!

I love these trees...means it's spring.
Jan 31 2009 03:58 GMT hbla PRO
the BLOSSOMS means it's spring (lol)
Mar 15 2009 21:20 GMT pamelamcnamara
Mar 16 2009 08:43 GMT Koren
thank you Pamela and thank you for looking through my album ;o)
Apr 26 2010 17:43 GMT SomersetDreams
Wow....gorgeous shot and composition! :)
Apr 30 2010 19:58 GMT Koren
Thank you SomersetDreams - its on of my favourites - I really need to get down there again before the blossom is gone for the year again