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At my local park I capturing some sunset when I heard some cars pulling into the parking lot . I glanced out of the viewfinder to my right and saw a police car driving by(no big deal - i ignored it) . Suddenly I realized there was one behind me in the parking lot and one in front. Then I noticed they were there for ME ! I sat down my camera and asked the officer "Hello , is there something wrong officer?" He replied - "Well some people just called us about you and said that you were acting suspicious" I said " OH ! - Well I'm just taking pictures out here of dusk - would you like to see them ?" He said " Yes - Please" I showed him and he went " AHH - OK , well do you have any ID[identification] on you? " "Sure - here it is " I said. While he was calling it in I was curious and asked "Did I do something wrong here ?" And he had one of those answers that is both soothing and disturbing at the same time "No - If you had you would allready be incarcerated right now" However it turns out the officers were pretty nice . I also saw a dog running around the other police car as well. It was a K9 officer ! He was the nicest cop i've ever met ! He ran up to me and said hello by jumping up and licking my lens. I asked the officers if i could take a picture of their dog and they were cool with it. Apparently they had siezed some evidence (marijuana) and smeared the bag of it against the police car earlier. So they were telling him to go find it ! And here he is finding it! - Those dogs are impressive !

So i'm writing this letter from jail - they now have an internet connection. HAHAHAHA Just kidding ! I'm clean !
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Comments on this photo:

Nov 16 2007 03:48 GMT fourdeadpresidents

Why can't cool stuff like that happen to me here???

Oh, my town has 2 cops...

Day and Night

Nov 16 2007 03:48 GMT Kickey
HAHAHA ! Mabey you can catch them between shifts !
Nov 16 2007 04:06 GMT ButterflyShutterfly
Good thing you didn't have dog treats in your pocket...you might have gotten searched LOL!!! Funny story!! People have asked me what I'm doing crawling around in the bushes acting suspicious, but I've never had the police called.... Wow! I'm impessed...wifi from jail ;)
Nov 16 2007 04:21 GMT Kickey
HAHAHAHA !!!!! Yes good thing I didn't have doggy treats in my pocket (or human treats for that matter .. HA!) Nothing says call the police like a strange man running around in odd positions , towards and away from a barren tree !(Trying to get that sunset moment !) And yes - I was able to use WIFI today - but tomorrow I'll have to give my lunch to a prisoner for the same priveledge !
Nov 16 2007 06:19 GMT Kurt
Haha...this is a great story. I hope this will be a lesson to you..;-))...Just kididng.
Thanks for all your nice comments..;-)
Nov 16 2007 06:20 GMT Kickey
Thanks and you're welcome kurt !
Nov 16 2007 06:53 GMT Londi PRO
Wonderful story!! Glad you are clean! whew! dodged a touch of police brutality there! (bite in the butt)

Nicest cop you ever met... AWESOME statement !!!!
Nov 16 2007 06:56 GMT Kickey
HA ! Yea ! The last thing I want is a K9 imprint in me bum ! Thanx Londi !
Nov 16 2007 14:25 GMT JPHarr
You should have swallowed your flash card to hide the evidence!

HAHAHA ~ I just read your profile: "Favourite Photo Locations: In my pants of course! HAHAHAH!" Excellent, dude. =)
Nov 17 2007 22:28 GMT Fred62
This is a nice picture when you need manny to scrape
Nov 18 2007 04:06 GMT wifey
I guess you're not a big donut eater… pretty dog.
Nov 18 2007 06:51 GMT Kickey
Hahahaha ! Good thing - he would have smelled them on my breath!
Nov 24 2007 18:21 GMT hbla PRO
it was those toasted cheese sandwiches you've been cooking...he could smell you a mile away!

fascinating really, those dogs.
Nov 24 2007 19:28 GMT Kickey
All that butter and cheese - he probably led the police to me !
Sep 04 2008 15:59 GMT neet
like the story....cool pic