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It's dusk, your driving along and you see something you think is interesting - what do you do ? What i did is i reached out of my window (on the interstate)and took this picture with my camera phone and tried not to crash.
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Comments on this photo:

Jun 27 2007 12:10 GMT neet
well done u for not crashin.... lol..... i like to cloud watch and make pics out of them...... i can see a face on the left.....and the row of clouds look like camels or chickens lol............................. do i have an imagination or what or do u think i need help LMAO .......
Jun 27 2007 12:10 GMT neet
i blame CRAIG1000hk ....its all his fault he made me a barmpot lmao......
Jun 27 2007 22:17 GMT Kickey
Cool !!! I never noticed the face on the left , I think i can see a rooster on the right as well .. I even see a beard on him !

also .. I didn't know what the word barmpot was until i looked it up on Wikipedia . There is a cool article there http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yorkshire_colloquialisms
I learned a cool word today - thank you neet !
Jun 28 2007 12:43 GMT neet
ur welcome Kickey.... if u ever need to learn Yorkshire im ur gal LOL.....
Jun 28 2007 12:47 GMT neet
lol just read some of those colloquialisms....... i really talk like that too lmao ......
Aug 01 2007 05:07 GMT Empty
Sweeeeeet shot... I saw the face first thing...!!!
Aug 01 2007 05:12 GMT Kickey
Hehehe , nice ! - Have you ever hung out with someone and stared at clouds with them ? It's fun - and seldom do people see the same thing . I'm glad you see it too !
Aug 01 2007 05:14 GMT Empty
We do that alot around here....Lots of clouds.....it's almost a sport...;-)
Oct 12 2007 22:14 GMT LisaSam67
hahahahahaha I DO that all the time!!!! then i upload with the blackberry camera.... er... um.... phone LOL My insurance will surely go up if my agent ever visits this site!
Oct 12 2007 22:36 GMT Kickey
Yea - Isn't it fun ! , Having a camera phone is cool cause you allmost never miss an opportunity
Oct 12 2007 22:51 GMT LisaSam67
exactly LOL