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Hi everyone. I'm Gembell, fiance of Blackdo. I'm here to break bad news to everyone.

I was so sad for a long time in last near two years. My fianc, Blackdo had a cancer gall and metastasis to liver. He was serious illness for near two years. He had gone to paradise in April 4 2009. It made me so sorrowful and broken my heart. Please pray for his soul, GREGORIO, to rest in peace with God...

Thanks for prayer of everyone here for him.

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Comments on this photo:

May 03 2009 02:21 GMT fhelsing PRO
I'm so sorry to hear this news about Blackdo! Peace and light, for him and for you as well ...

Your friend, Fleur
May 04 2009 03:53 GMT KhanhNgoc
Thanks for your deep sharing that just for me now, my friend Fleur. He had gone away full a month until today, May-4-2009. In my thought, he never had left out my life. He still beside me anywhere and any time. And I feel to console as receive your consolation now. Thank you so much more my friend...

May 04 2009 18:29 GMT sini
So sorry to hear Gembell...I wish you strength
May 05 2009 04:37 GMT KhanhNgoc
Thankyou so much Sini! I'm not strength now. May be I near to be crazy now. May be I have a stress with my great pain... What could I do?... I don't know any more... Thanks for your sharing one more time, Sini.
May 05 2009 05:20 GMT Weesue
Hello Gembell. Let your tears fall, my dear.
The pain you feel right now is near unbearable but time is a great healer.
You will feel better. Please believe me. You are not crazy.
Thank you for sharing your grief with us. I shed a tear for you and send my love.
Find time to smile a little each day, at even the smallest thing, a child, the smell of a flower, your favourite colour, memories of Blackdo, and one day you will find you smile a lot and the weight in your heart has lifted.
We are with you.
May 05 2009 05:27 GMT MargNZ
I am so very sorry for your great loss Gembell . May you find the strength to cope with your sadness.
May 05 2009 05:37 GMT teddybear2
May you feel the love of all us fotothingers at this sad time to give you the strength to get though each hour of each day
May 05 2009 05:37 GMT KhanhNgoc
Thanks for your nice advices, my dear Sue friend! Yes, I drop my tears for him everyday when he go away from April 04 2009 until now. But my sadness was not empty. It's full my brokenheart... Yes, I know time is a great healer but not now. And I hope someday, I could smile of everything as I could forget of these serious losses. Thanks for your sharing and your tear that just for me, one more time, my dear friend Sue...
May 05 2009 07:02 GMT rock
Dearest Gembell, surely I'll pray for your Gregorio.
I know, in these hard moments, there are no words to help you....just I want tell you that you are not alone! I am also sure one day you'll be again with your fianc...now he is watching to you from the sky and he takes care of you.
God bless you and him
May 05 2009 07:36 GMT marijke06
sad news....I wish you so much strength.....
May 05 2009 08:07 GMT blue
i surely don't know you or your situation...but i got connected here thru sini...such magic this "family" is...i have also experienced great loss this year ( my nine week old grandaughter)...do i have magic words to make it better? no...i do wish i had them...for you, me, and those who love "curves",another fotothing we lost...
for all of us...i wish us peace in acceptance...and peace found thru friendship to help us through our loss...we are here for each other...
May 05 2009 09:59 GMT abojovna PRO
My deepest sympathy!
May 05 2009 14:00 GMT Cronos1
God rest him in peace, and God be with you, child !
May 05 2009 14:32 GMT Studio88
So Sorry...
May 05 2009 17:48 GMT martini957
So very sorry for your great loss, my mom always tells me that planet earth is just our camp site and eventually we all go home, but to me the sad part is that we can't all leave the camp site together, so very hard to keep camping out when someone we love has gone home...my heart goes out to you and I pray God gives you the strength to keep on camping out my friend
Jun 02 2009 05:33 GMT DragonSpeed PRO
My heart cries out for you poor Gem Bell! All you can do is to keep the good memories of your time together in your heart and let them give you strength through this difficult time. I am sorry that I didn't see this earlier.... My thoughts are with you and his family.
Jun 19 2009 06:07 GMT janos
God bless you and him!
Sep 08 2009 15:36 GMT Luunhung
I pray to God, please bless him and you and his beloved ones!
Chị Ngọc, lu lắm em khng vo fotothing nn hm nay mới biết chuyện. Em khng biết ni g hơn, chỉ mong anh được an nghỉ thanh thản.
Em cũng đ mất đi một người thn yu gn 3 năm trước, cũng l v căn bệnh ny. Chị ơi, vững vng chị nh!
Sep 23 2009 15:33 GMT KhanhNgoc
Thanks for all of words of comfort from everyone here! It's my solace for my big loss. He is smiling in heaven and missing everybody who still miss him till now. And I always miss him everyday in my life till end of life... Thanks everybody once more time... I will be back with all of you when my sorrow go away...
Sep 24 2009 04:59 GMT sini
hi dear...I'm glad to see you around now and than...still thinking of you and hoping you are feeling a little bit better:)
Jan 04 2010 19:55 GMT will
Just now hearing about your loss GemBell! So sorry, my prayers with you...Will :(
Jan 31 2010 10:25 GMT KhanhNgoc
Thanks for your sharing, Will, I will be back with all of you soon...
Apr 19 2010 00:25 GMT Weesue
How are you feeling today? I wish you have a smile now.
Oct 14 2010 19:09 GMT DragonSpeed PRO
It has been so long since we have seen your happy face. I hope that you are allowing yourself to live life still!

Take care. We hope we'll see you back one day soon!
Oct 05 2011 08:59 GMT ngotandat
@ May he Rest in Peace!
Oct 06 2011 04:23 GMT KhanhNgoc
Thank all of you so much... I can not find out right words to say thanks for all of you, someone still remember me and Blackdo till now, someone use to pray for him before... Yes, he Rest in Peace now, as like as ngotandat said. It's over two years from the day Blackdo gone away to the Heaven. But he is still in my mine, in my deams and my soul... Last night, I had a nice dream that he still alive and gave me a sweet kiss. And in the morning, I open massage box here and then it remind me about all of those days and my pain. I feel much better now cause of you guy advices... My sorrow still be here, some where in my soul. But I am peace in side as I think about Blackdo. He still miss all of you guy too. God bless all of Us...