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My entry for JP Harr's idea of walletcontents :)))

LOL... Actually I have two wallets, unfortunately not because I have too much money.. ;-) I just keep there everything....
*Artistic mess* you can admire here in *polish* is a sentimental trash in majority...
pics of my mum (r.i.p) and grandpa, bus card, library card, fitness card, ZUS card (family pension doc), ID and Visa..and a very important bill of sale (new fan, of course I forgot to stamp the guarantee card), few solarium season tickets..
I even found my dentist's visit reminder from last year, from 14 May
LOL :)))))))
Polish money ( 1 euro = about 3,5 zł)
*I took this photo yesterday, but today this two dead polish kings went out from pocket LOL to maintain the Internet service*
mobile loading card for 5 zl (for sending signals haha)
silver moon and shoe - yeah, very necessary contents
cherry mint paper- it's unique cause you wont get this gum in Europe anymore :(
old shopping list written in polish LOL :)))))
and Mercer's Coffee ticket ( lol I moved to Coffee Heaven long time ago with my coffee passion so it's another trash)

enjoy :)
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Comments on this photo:

Nov 27 2007 14:56 GMT garynumber1cleaner
Cherry mint paper..lol .. dont they sell it in Bali ? ;-)
Nov 27 2007 14:59 GMT garynumber1cleaner
Keit ... mother was very pretty too
Nov 27 2007 16:30 GMT voodoo23
cool idea ;)
Nov 27 2007 17:11 GMT SlowCheeetah
paragon fiskalny mi siť najbardziej podoba :))))))))))))))))))))
Nov 27 2007 17:17 GMT Keitology
oooooo cześć żaba :))))
Nov 27 2007 20:07 GMT TRICKS4U
awwww, this is a great idea!!!

Always can tell someone by what they carry around.
very cool photograph I must add :)
Nov 27 2007 20:48 GMT Anland
such warm colours...very nice!
Nov 27 2007 21:03 GMT LisaSam67
love the tones

great pic :-))))))))
Nov 27 2007 21:50 GMT Keitology
nothing special ;-) just my garbage
Nov 28 2007 01:37 GMT JPHarr
Fascinating! ;-)
Nov 28 2007 09:17 GMT Keitology
hehe JP, you mean shopping list LOL >?
You had a great idea, my pleasure to post *walletcontents* ;-)
Nov 28 2007 12:40 GMT x3
psi psi na mole :D LOL!
Nov 28 2007 17:46 GMT Midworlder PRO
Ohhh ... I better go list my stuff ....
Nov 29 2007 22:19 GMT Keitology
:)))))) no, też z tego miałam niezłą beke