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*All Invisible*

I reached my hands to the stars
But all I got were thorns of your crown
Why the simplest truths
Are so invisible to the blind
Where do I belong I donít know now
Where do I go
Whatís the purpose of that chase
Iím not into
I am dumb, Iím singled out
Iím invisible

I wrote a book made of tears
But no regret shall be found there, indeed
Attached like a cross to my mind
All invisible for the blinds
Itís all invisible
All invisible
Itís all invisible for the blinds

People gazing at me, they donít see
The heart wrapped in a bloody film
They see what they want to see
In fact, they see nothing at all

All invisible
Itís all invisible for the blinds
All invisible

I doubt if any of you in the crowd
Could believe in things already done
Some might say lím a dreamer
Stuck like a victim in car crash
But Iím not
Not that willing to fall asleep
Forever young
All invisible exists among us

I am invisible
as long as you lie in your thoughts
Itís invisible who am I
Who am I
When all is invisible

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Comments on this photo:

Sep 24 2008 17:59 GMT voodoo23
weired atmosphere.........mind provoking words ;-)
Sep 24 2008 18:31 GMT Keitology
me neither :)
Sep 24 2008 19:44 GMT ButterflyWings
:))) kochana skad Ty czerpiesz te wszystkie pomysly. superka like always!!!
Sep 24 2008 21:22 GMT felixdakilla
awesome illustration!
Sep 25 2008 07:42 GMT Keitology
z głowy ;-))
Sep 25 2008 14:40 GMT LisaSam67
Sep 25 2008 20:40 GMT bazer PRO
Hello Keit Thought Provoking Words and Image ;-];-]]] To Be in a crowed room and still be totally alone ....Touched by no one and no one touches me Invisible too ;-];-]]]]]]]]
Sep 26 2008 08:10 GMT TRICKS4U
Love this kind of freak art.

Very beautiful I must say.....

Power to the Shiva!
Sep 26 2008 21:14 GMT moniqe
fajne :)
Sep 27 2008 00:05 GMT Hamin PRO
I can (and should) write a novella from this caqpture ! wow ! ........... Manny
Sep 27 2008 00:36 GMT Keitology
I'd love to read it ;-)
Sep 29 2008 04:33 GMT fa69
Fantastic piece of art!!!!
Oct 01 2008 17:15 GMT garynumber1cleaner
Wonderful poem