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Comments on this photo:

Dec 29 2007 23:40 GMT SamWiseWoahZay
Holy Keits!!!! This is awesome K! Gorgeous!
Dec 30 2007 00:02 GMT thedocwillseeyounow
Ziggy's Sister
Dec 30 2007 00:05 GMT paparazziboy
magnificent Piece of @rt is what you are and is what you make
Dec 30 2007 00:07 GMT paparazziboy
@rtistic Ideas are waiting in line to get shoot over the world By your @rtistic Masterguns....
Dec 30 2007 00:09 GMT ENZO
belissimo portrait
Dec 30 2007 00:12 GMT Keitology
*@rtistic Masterguns* :D
Dec 30 2007 02:11 GMT fa69
Amazing portrait !!!!!
Dec 30 2007 04:00 GMT cking
Could even go tighter.
Dec 30 2007 04:35 GMT Studio88
Outstanding Work - Happy 2008 ;-))
Dec 30 2007 05:34 GMT losp
Kissing/welcoming + sighting the 2008 year
in partial, pure, confident mood :o) ? .. May
your resolution/s for 2008 be fully realised
by 1 October 2008, Keitology.
Dec 30 2007 07:40 GMT LisaSam67
Dec 30 2007 08:00 GMT sini
Dec 30 2007 09:00 GMT Mia87
wow - eyelashes! I really like your semi monochromatic photos, very unique and original!
This almost half-portrait is great work :)
Dec 30 2007 09:53 GMT juanse
muy buena. bravo...
Dec 30 2007 10:00 GMT garynumber1cleaner
Wow ... Keit......
What a beautiful apparition, it would probably seem easy for me too say ..wow wow wow to all your pictures as that is what you are ..Wow..
But the effort you put into many of your pictures is plain for all too see, this picture is another one in your own unique style.
It has everything in it to please the eyes of the viewer...
Sorry for speach... but I look and the gaze has now turned to fused... I am fused too this, and fused with you.. so lovely
Dec 30 2007 10:22 GMT Keitology
Mia :))
Long lashes season is officially opened.. I think it will be hard to get rid of them someday :D
Thank you dear for your attention

Dec 30 2007 10:31 GMT Mia87
I had some "a la lashes" photos, but my pc is mad...I lost them *sniff*

you're welcome for my attention, it's well deserved ;)))

:* and hearts
Dec 30 2007 10:36 GMT eleni78 PRO
absolutely gorgeous!!
Dec 30 2007 10:41 GMT Keitology
that's a pity! :( My old shitty machine does the same to me (4 years of struggle) - so I know your pain... Maybe it's a sign for us to do the work again and again (better and better) ?

Dec 30 2007 11:59 GMT Ruedi PRO
Dec 30 2007 13:32 GMT bazer PRO
Hi Keit This is one of your Verry best truely stunning image @rt Your Style
Dec 30 2007 20:52 GMT danielherrera
great picture
Dec 31 2007 10:00 GMT NadiaKimi
beautiful...delicated and melancholic...impressive eye!
Jan 01 2008 14:45 GMT luckypenny
This one is noce too, I prefer the pink one the best, lovely work, great stuff (smiles)
Jan 02 2008 15:31 GMT Kuba
e x c e l l e n t ! ! ! ! !
Jun 02 2008 10:19 GMT CarloDiMarcoberardino
I love yours manipulation style, LOL