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daddy wants dinner

part two: choose the dish
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Comments on this photo:

Aug 25 2007 18:41 GMT AlisonBelinda
Brilliant! Slightly alarming...but brilliant!
Aug 25 2007 18:49 GMT Jagged PRO
Hmm, food for thought. I'll take the dish holding the brain please.
Aug 25 2007 18:57 GMT Peixy
If daddy wants to eat......give him a tile to bite....

Please let me hear the fire of the gun.

Aug 25 2007 18:59 GMT paparazziboy
..Keeps me thinkin"..
Aug 25 2007 19:10 GMT Studio88
Brain Food!!!
Aug 25 2007 19:37 GMT juanse
i take a brain or two...dinner is well served...superb composition...
Aug 25 2007 19:40 GMT bazer PRO
Its All been said wicked image !! How do you work and not break your nails ? ;-];-];-]
Aug 25 2007 20:01 GMT Keitology
how do people die and the only thing which rests is nails and hair and the body dissapear :)
Aug 25 2007 20:52 GMT SlowCheeetah
wyglądasz tu jak jakaś kapłanka odprawiająca dziwne rytuały....
jeszcze raz to powiem: ŚWIETNE !!!!!
Aug 25 2007 20:54 GMT Felixthecat
Hanibal's sister Keit? ;-)
Aug 25 2007 21:15 GMT Keitology
Aug 25 2007 21:35 GMT backstreets PRO
very clever idea , and an excellent image !!
Aug 25 2007 22:26 GMT losp
What matters most is treasuring a beautiful mind, thirsting and relishing in
it. Haha, it takes 2 beautiful minds for powerful, effectual delivery in a 2-way
traffic travel, not a 1-way traffic with no return. Being idealistic or utopian
is supremely realistic; and inching towards it, despite errors made & bad
taste & experience gained, is truly rational/pragmatic, satisfying & most
rewarding eventually. .. I guess this pretty lady is at the cross road, even
at a loss as to whether or not to continue opting for the way less travelled
on .. If it leads to common, public good, why not do it? .. Be determined +
good luck in achieving the intended goal/s, through soul searching within
her mind's mind + heart's heart .. Excuse my lol blah-blah-blah .. Yes,
great telling imaging here => I wish I could read & see through this beautiful,
innocent, longing face into her innermost mind + heart ! .. THANKS for provoking
such reflection of mine; and all the best in your hot pursuit towards your ideal/s
to a most satisfying end eventually. .. Have a very blissful Sunday, Keitology.
Aug 25 2007 22:41 GMT Keitology
being idealistic or utopian
is supremely realistic - fantastic, I love the words :)

Thank you losp for your thoughts, sometimes I like to shock then inspiration goes around and comes back to me and then it happens anew :))

Have a wonderful Sunday, thank you again!
Aug 25 2007 23:57 GMT renatare
Aug 26 2007 03:37 GMT djm
Great Idea!!!!! Powerful in words that many can't describe!!!!! Brilliant..Simply Brilliant!!
:O ) Sheila
Aug 26 2007 03:42 GMT thedocwillseeyounow
you know we only want you for your mind
Aug 26 2007 07:20 GMT MillReef
Perfect light, colour and expression
Aug 26 2007 08:02 GMT garynumber1cleaner
You said you where a fortune teller, with a cystal ball like this, its no surprise you can get inside people heads ! ;-)
Aug 26 2007 08:48 GMT DIGITALOOKING
did you wash it before serve? :) like always, awesome.
Aug 26 2007 10:31 GMT CaptainSpaulding
Excellent work I love it
The trouble with mind is the taste!
Aug 26 2007 14:53 GMT SamWiseWoahZay
Aug 26 2007 17:58 GMT abojovna PRO
Enjoy, Adam´s family ! Maybe rest something for rest of family !
Aug 26 2007 21:21 GMT SlowCheeetah
do zobaczenia jutro żabko.... słodkich snów...:*
Aug 26 2007 22:15 GMT Grimacher PRO
You really have got a beautiful mind. Stunning work....
Aug 27 2007 00:16 GMT Jakeobean
Keitology......great creativity with this composition...both in image and words...photographs should create emotion when first viewed by strangers...this one certainly has that quality...great work......
Aug 27 2007 07:59 GMT lupion
uy que yuyu
Aug 27 2007 21:51 GMT stuboy
stuboy wants beer.
Give me NOW
Aug 28 2007 20:29 GMT Lola83
Aug 29 2007 19:37 GMT sini
Great image!:))
Aug 29 2007 19:44 GMT Rafal
Świetne !
Aug 29 2007 20:20 GMT micati
Very great image.....!!
Sep 05 2007 02:23 GMT Hamin PRO
Magnificent, Keit, alluring with that beautiful face and quite a creative twist in youe hands ! Bravissimo -- Manny