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- my diploma (make-up artist)

One of the exam parts was to create a story to explain the sense of work.Here is mine in brief:

This is a story of japan girl who became one of the most prospering geishas in Kyoto. It is worth noticing that the better position geisha has taken the more enemies she had. Those enemies were concuring geishas.
Once, at the party organised by some wealthy friend of many geishas, her greatest rival added some LSD to her drink. She was sitting in the garden and looking at great lake flowers when suddenly the drug started to hipnotise her senses. The contemplation of the nature became a nightmare. In her imagination (so real at that moment) she saw legions of worms, ants and other insects comming out from all the flowers in that garden....and comming rapidly straight on her... She felt like those worms were in her eyes, ears, hair, mouth...everywhere... All her body covered with worms... She started to taking them off somehow, then scratching herself with her nails and pins she had in hair.
There was no one around to stop her going crazy, mad and blessed...Then she lost her consciousness exhausted by self-injuring her body ....After a while her friend, who was looking for her at the party found her all in blood laying there...
We see her after a long hospitalisation, when all injuries has just started to heal.
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Comments on this photo:

Feb 09 2007 20:02 GMT AlisonBC
Great effect. I can see you have talent.
Feb 16 2007 17:47 GMT Godlieb
Teally Great and Philosophical . . .
Feb 19 2007 00:27 GMT Martijn
Amazing story.... you are uber talented.
Mar 22 2007 18:22 GMT ZSS
wow! this is the first time i see ur profile and to be honest i love each n every photo u took,,, the colors are soo vivid and strong in all of ur photos,, are u workin as a photographer? or is it just a hobby? great photos really
Mar 22 2007 19:49 GMT Keitology
it's just a hobby, thank you so much ZSS !