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family's friday afternoon ;)
my son working with the burner to make some glass "strings" and drops and just enjoy the effect of what comes out when you mixed different colors of glass when melting them...
I was working on microwave glass fusing oven... not seen in the picture. It's nice to work together sometimes :)
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Comments on this photo:

Nov 22 2009 17:37 GMT Midworlder PRO
Hi Junior :-)
Nov 22 2009 17:40 GMT Bellavista
Great to have together any activity!
Your son is beautiful!
Nov 22 2009 17:46 GMT annaschnitfink
It is very nice indeed to see your son, my grandson, being busy in such a creative, concentrated and dedicated way!!! Off to my faves of course! :)))
Nov 22 2009 17:48 GMT Lensvision
Dat is leuk zo samen aan het knutselen.
Nov 22 2009 18:35 GMT Sheila PRO
Most of just teach our kids to bake cakes!! Wonderful stuff, Kaska!
Nov 22 2009 18:38 GMT Kaska
Thank you Sheila for your comment.
I guess I cannot teach my son how to bake cakes ... I don't know it very well myself. I always tell him to follow the instructions on the box, it seems to work :)
Nov 22 2009 18:40 GMT rosyapple PRO
You are training him well. Lovely looking boy!
Nov 22 2009 18:41 GMT hans55 PRO
he's very concentrated at work !!
Nov 22 2009 19:06 GMT otilia
Nov 22 2009 20:14 GMT corainna
.. this is great pic! Nice to see Junior... my worm hugs for u and him.
Nov 22 2009 21:02 GMT IzabelaBJ09
great shoot!!!
Nov 23 2009 03:17 GMT fhelsing PRO
a wonderful way to spend an afternoon!
Nov 23 2009 20:14 GMT grimp PRO
very concentrated on his work
Nov 24 2009 07:52 GMT happysnapper
Chip of the old block!
Nov 24 2009 20:44 GMT LizSA
wow.. what a lovely photo....
fantastic time share ... and shared interest.. :-) :-) lovely.
Nov 25 2009 13:30 GMT Lubranco
hi Kaska !! Hi Jr..
Such a lovely image.
Nov 27 2009 10:57 GMT Riet
He looks very concentrated indeed :-) They like to experiment on that age.....who knows what he'll do later? :-)
Dec 10 2009 20:39 GMT jomoud PRO
A wonderful family shot Mirka.
It is good to see him with such great concentration.
Please say hello to him for me!!!!
Oct 13 2010 20:24 GMT elbeaver
Look at that, a youngster who still knows who Bob Marley is ;)
Oct 13 2010 20:25 GMT Kaska
hehe... and likes working with his hands... other than on computer keyboard ;)
Oct 19 2010 00:40 GMT elbeaver
Cuz he's got a nice creative mother ^_^
Jan 11 2011 17:28 GMT qpidoremix
Nice to see him picking up on the glass trade. He is growing up fine Mirka
Jan 11 2011 18:00 GMT Kaska
Thanks Martijn :)
it was more than a year ago... he's taller than me now, and long hair, and too much computer for my liking...but a fine lad
Jan 11 2011 18:13 GMT qpidoremix
Don't tell me he is growing dreadlocks like Bob Marley :D
Jan 11 2011 18:19 GMT Kaska
nope :D just long...
he has some strange mixture of everything... mostly black and dark
and I like he listens to all kind of music and reads lots of books in english - you'd both have fun talking quotes from the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy and the discworld series - his favs too :)
how is life treating you now?
Jan 11 2011 18:41 GMT qpidoremix
Life has improved a lot now my body is used to the non-carb diet. Im back in the Caribbean again for a couple months to enjoy the "winter" climate here. Brought 30 audio books from the discworld series but have been too busy to listen to them. Busy with a new house here and hopefully I get everything up and running there soon. So life is reasonably well for me :) Have been gathering sea glass but not started on a new sculpture yet. Glad to see you are exploring new techniques. Im still working with cold glass but I do intend to try hot glass somewhere in the future
Jan 11 2011 18:47 GMT Kaska
Good to hear you're doing better and used to the diet. It can work miracles - experienced it myself too.
So you're half half between the countries? Or thinking on moving to Caribbeab for good?
If you want some "hands on" with other techniques let me know when you're back in NL.
Jan 11 2011 19:41 GMT qpidoremix
I'll be back in NL by the end of feb and do consider a permanent move back to the carib. signed a renting contract for a year...
Jan 12 2011 09:05 GMT Kaska
sounds exciting.
wishing you all the best over there or wherever you happen to land!