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Comments on this photo:

Sep 11 2009 16:39 GMT jomoud PRO
where the h.... did yoiu find this one Mirka?
I love it.
It appears to be in great condition.
Sep 11 2009 16:54 GMT Kaska
John, it used to belong to my father :) it's older than myself... it was my first camera. Roger's picture brought many nice memories and I rushed to find mine too :)
Sep 11 2009 16:59 GMT Kaska
btw: apart from the the b-time (long exposure) it's working great. It's just buying film that is a bit more trouble nowadays ...
Sep 11 2009 18:13 GMT Midworlder PRO
Wonderful .. isn't it funny the similarities we can find amongst a group of friends .. And yes it was her fathers .... talking about similarities what was your birth date again :-))))
Sep 11 2009 18:34 GMT Kaska
hihi :):) I'm tooooo old to remember ;)
Sep 11 2009 19:03 GMT Midworlder PRO
Well that makes me too old too :-)
Sep 11 2009 21:53 GMT Londi PRO
Seriously cool!!!! I'm touched Kaska!! My dad enjoyed talking about his camera with me, Roger & Heather... we looked at some of his old photos and dad talked about his days fishing in Alaska. I am sure my dad's camera is from the 50's...I bet yours is from the same era.. MUCH much older than you ;+)
I think we came by our love of photography from our dads!!!
Sep 12 2009 02:48 GMT hbla PRO
oh my gaads! this looks brand new!
it was cool checking the cam out and talking to Londi's dad.
loved his (Okie) accent and it reminded me alot of my grampa who I'm sure had one of these.

Sep 12 2009 03:43 GMT LisaSam67
That's beautiful with the case and all!!!!!

Londi it's interesting you say that. My love of photography came from my mom but I found out a few years ago that it was her dad who used an old brownie. Now my mom was born in 1927 so that'll tell you how old his camera would be if we knew where it was. There's a couple pictures still around that he took. I really need to find them. They are funny!
Sep 12 2009 16:15 GMT hans55 PRO
a very nice old one ..and a good idea too ... i have the interrest for photography from my father and grandfather .. maybe its nice to scan a few slides taken by them !!
Sep 12 2009 22:05 GMT PhotoPro PRO
what a gem!!
Sep 13 2009 09:23 GMT marijke06
oh yes.......I remember this ....great memory :)
Sep 13 2009 09:54 GMT hallo
Lovely and the hot shoe still intact!
Sep 13 2009 21:52 GMT rosyapple PRO
A classic piece of equipment. I recently acquired a Zenza Bronica! Love it
Sep 14 2009 19:18 GMT Lensvision
Wat voor film moet daar in?
Sep 15 2009 04:49 GMT Kaska
120 roll film met 6x6 squares. en jij moet de film handmatig draaien na maken van een foto.
wil je mee spelen?
Sep 15 2009 17:17 GMT happysnapper
Great camera!
Sep 15 2009 17:28 GMT Lensvision
Ik heb nog een paar rollen 120mm film in de vriezer liggen.......
Die moet namelijk ook in de oude Agfa's die ik heb.
Sep 15 2009 21:31 GMT Kaska
als je wilt mag je keertje uitproberen. Vroeger hadden we thuis donkerkamer... dan was het wat makkelijker. Ik kan het nu niet meer....
Sep 15 2009 22:22 GMT PaP67
...must show you by the next my mother's old box camera ....!
Sep 17 2009 14:00 GMT LizSA
we also have the old box camera, much used by my husband..

this is a great find Kaska.... !!
Sep 29 2009 20:55 GMT bennystr
A classy one, enjoy it!
Oct 11 2009 17:11 GMT charlotte