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shall we dance? ;)

summer greetings to all my friends!
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Comments on this photo:

Aug 13 2009 20:27 GMT abojovna PRO
Aug 13 2009 20:29 GMT Riet
Nice to see you again! Great shot! You look so tender with your biggggg dog! :-)))
Aug 13 2009 20:34 GMT fotoloekb PRO
We'v missed you Mirka!!! ;-))
Glad to see yoy back!
Aug 13 2009 20:46 GMT Bellavista
He really enjoy the dance with you! A real gentleman! ;-)
Aug 13 2009 20:46 GMT Midworlder PRO
What a wonderful shot, I'm trying to work out how you both fit in your car !!!
Aug 13 2009 21:31 GMT marijke06
I am scared :)
Aug 13 2009 21:42 GMT Sheila PRO
Aug 14 2009 00:25 GMT ashdad PRO
What a beautfiul dog!
Aug 14 2009 03:54 GMT fhelsing PRO
a good dancing partner!
Aug 14 2009 04:57 GMT Kaska
Roger, it was a choice.
dog stays! ;)
Aug 14 2009 05:08 GMT Kaska
hihi :)
now you know what you're up to on Sat! ;)
Aug 14 2009 11:48 GMT Minz PRO
Fabulous shot !
Aug 14 2009 13:02 GMT pieter40
Fantastic picture,great .!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aug 14 2009 14:23 GMT hallo
Always good to see and hear from you!
Aug 14 2009 18:06 GMT Lensvision
Hee lang niet gezien. Die is groot geworden...
Aug 14 2009 19:46 GMT cdc PRO
great dog
Aug 15 2009 07:35 GMT hans55 PRO
very nice to see an upload from you again dear friend !!!
is this dog huge ?? .... or are you that small ?? :-))
Aug 15 2009 07:43 GMT Foggydew
this is probably the puppy - big dog now :)
Aug 15 2009 09:11 GMT Kaska
Hans, those are huge dogs... but extremely nice :)
Aug 15 2009 09:13 GMT Kaska
:) yes, the puppy is almost 1 year old now :) and still growing.
but it's a lady dog so she won't be as big as the male. Just right size for me...don't need to bend to pat her :)
Aug 15 2009 11:26 GMT otilia
Aug 15 2009 11:40 GMT senna3
Fantastic photo!
What a huge dog!
Nice to see you again at FT Mirka!
Aug 15 2009 14:17 GMT Jugadee
Love that...What a pair!
Aug 16 2009 05:06 GMT larrybenedict
Wowser........super nice to see you again Mirka.
Aug 16 2009 13:23 GMT sini
Wow! What a dog!:)
Aug 16 2009 18:54 GMT znacke
is this Irish Wolfhound? amazing dogs, i think the biggest dog bread in the world :)
Aug 16 2009 20:18 GMT charlotte
geweldig mooi!
Aug 16 2009 20:22 GMT Kaska
yes, it is Irish Wolfhound :) they are amazing dogs, I love the bread... and I think they are the biggest but average male is bigger than female.
Aug 19 2009 19:18 GMT pauli3522
he is so big...what kind of doggie is this???
Aug 20 2009 03:19 GMT hbla PRO
I love this photo! your dog is bigger then you!
and is a happy dog. extra special :))
Aug 20 2009 09:30 GMT LizSA
my ouma said that I can withe to you to say what a lovely dog you have

michaela.., my ouma is visiting me.. she is leaving on Satsday she has bein here for 2 munth now
Aug 20 2009 09:43 GMT teddybear2
you would want to be friendly with that giant
Aug 20 2009 10:00 GMT LizSA
Hello Kaska...... I did not tell Michaela about the dog ... she thought it the most beautiful picture...... and yes... it is...!!!
Aug 20 2009 13:01 GMT will
You both are certainly enjoying this dance!! :)
Aug 20 2009 18:45 GMT Kaska
Thank you Michaela, and thank you Liz :)
I love the comments from both of you.
and yes, it's the nicest dog for me :)
Aug 20 2009 18:47 GMT Kaska
Teddybear, thank you for your comment :)
it made me smile, as I know those dogs are the friendliest I've ever known :)
You should see her when I ask her to put her paws on my shoulders... she's so gentle and careful.
Aug 21 2009 08:35 GMT sider
Wowww.....nice shot. I love yr big dog so cute....
Have a worrifree weekend my dear friend.
Aug 21 2009 22:22 GMT irajsalarvand
Aug 22 2009 17:05 GMT PhotoPro PRO
This is darling!

Have a great weekend
Aug 22 2009 21:18 GMT Studio88
Perfect Dance Partner ;-)
Aug 22 2009 23:04 GMT glacierman
I love it! What a dog!
Aug 24 2009 15:50 GMT andrej67
Aug 26 2009 19:23 GMT jomoud PRO
Smiles are made of memories.
Wonderful shot of a great friend.
It reminded me of my great friend Tasha, a Pyranese, who was with me from age 2 months until age 16, when she died in my arms.
Tasha also used to put her paws on my shoulders as I was standing and she wanted attention:):):)
Wonderful photo.
And it is sooooooooooooo good to see you here once again Mirka!!!!!!
That made me smile as well.
Aug 27 2009 02:31 GMT Londi PRO
This made me smile too! Woof! My friend!!
Aug 27 2009 18:16 GMT grimp PRO
Wolfhounds are wonderful dogs. A friend had one. Unfortunately big dogs are short-lived, a cruel fact of Nature!
Aug 27 2009 20:30 GMT Kaska
You're right about it. My previous wolfhound was 5,5 yo when we had to say goodbye to her... by I'm still glad I had the pleasure of spending those years together.
Aug 28 2009 22:12 GMT garynumber1cleaner
Friends come in all shapes and sizes, but its so nice to know which one's you can trust...... love this picture and I hope you are ok :)
Aug 29 2009 09:15 GMT 5DMKII
Aug 30 2009 02:48 GMT oljsilva
Good Friends
Aug 31 2009 20:28 GMT kumarr
WOW !!!!!!!!!!! Nice Picture !!!!!!!!!
Sep 01 2009 10:10 GMT baltic
Niezłe cielątko:)
Sep 04 2009 17:20 GMT annaschnitfink
Very nice picture!!! :)))
Sep 06 2009 17:27 GMT megmet PRO
Thats some dog you have there! :-)
Sep 06 2009 18:10 GMT Kaska
:) yes, she's great!
and sweet too :)
Sep 06 2009 21:00 GMT Kaska
Learning to waltz ;)
Sep 10 2009 05:29 GMT doramandragora
Haha, this guy must weigh a bit and eat a whole lot. ;-)
Sep 12 2009 03:02 GMT Lucky222
Was thinking ...
You are either a small woman or it must be a Huge dog...
I read all the comments, so now I know it is a Huge dog...
Nice dog, beautiful lady...
Sep 12 2009 06:01 GMT Kaska
Thank you Lucky :)
It's a Huge and very sweet dog :)
Sep 18 2009 15:04 GMT caru8
Superb photo !!!!!!
Sep 19 2009 00:35 GMT jceca PRO
great partner !!! :-)
Dec 11 2009 09:58 GMT qtreiber
Great picture
Apr 09 2010 02:02 GMT LizSA
Oh yes... I did comment on this.... I did not know it was your new pup../ dog..
she is beautiful Kaska... a darling..:-) how the colours changes..:-)
Mar 07 2011 17:18 GMT mamontof
Russian security dog WOW , i do not see them in long time , glad people in Poland respect Great dogs .
To est bardzo dobriy Pes !
Mar 07 2011 17:25 GMT Kaska
This is Irish Wolfhound :)
great dog indeed. I love big dogs!
Mar 07 2011 17:25 GMT Kaska
thank you for your kind comment!
Mar 07 2011 17:30 GMT mamontof
WOW , i wish i can have one , i like nice security dogs : Asian shepherddog http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Central_Asian_Shepherd_Dog
Or Anatolian http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anatolian_Shepherd_Dog

Again Lovely dog !
Mar 07 2011 17:35 GMT Kaska
Irish Wolfhound is not really a security dog. They call them "gentle giants" so the only security about them is their size.
You need lots of space for them as they love to run, then you can have one.
Mar 07 2011 17:37 GMT mamontof
If they good with kids to play ?
What type of character ...playful ...snobbish ...
Mar 07 2011 17:39 GMT Kaska
they are great with kids, very gentle and subtle - you'd not expect this from such a big animal.
I trust mine even with little kids.
Mar 07 2011 18:13 GMT mamontof
In next life for sure i wood like to have pare of them in my property .
I am Simple in love with big dogs
Mar 08 2011 02:57 GMT Siddhartha
Excellent capture
Mar 12 2011 02:38 GMT lossieloon
I have'nt seen an Irish Wolfhound for many years where i live its nice to see one so happy, great capture!