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imprinted in glass....
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Comments on this photo:

Jul 13 2010 20:33 GMT elbeaver
Broccoli :P~
Jul 13 2010 21:00 GMT marijke06
wonderful effect!
Jul 13 2010 21:07 GMT annaschnitfink
Fantastic dear Kaska!!!
Jul 14 2010 03:36 GMT fhelsing PRO
This is so beautiful!
Jul 14 2010 18:01 GMT ujbanyiv
Real Artistic Photo.
Great Tribute to Masters of Photography.
Jul 14 2010 23:40 GMT rosyapple PRO
Beautiful work - you are a master of glass!
Jul 18 2010 21:33 GMT bennystr
Beauty imprinted in glass!
Wonderfully done!
Jul 19 2010 07:58 GMT corainna
wonderful! how do u make this?? it look so wonderful!
Jul 19 2010 15:07 GMT jomoud PRO
Mirka, once you have the imprint in glass, can you do more work with it?
For instance, is it possible to create color in the impring with either paint or even better inlay???
Jul 19 2010 19:04 GMT Kaska
John, yes, that's what I'd like to do later. But just in glass and fused into the main color. The hot glass is difficult to manipulate, so I'm doing it one step at the time (first technique and later adding difficulty of color)
I'll be working next on a form that you can shape into a bowl - have designs ready and will start cutting glass and fusing pieces together tomorrow.
If I remember I'll take a picture of the glasses I made so far tomorrow and show them here.
Jul 19 2010 19:08 GMT Kaska
thank you dear Corina! It's a form made in clay, then pressed into it a plant to make the imprint. Then I made a cast from plaster with special addition (plaster would shrink and it's too brittle in the heat of the oven) and last a sheet of glass in the plaster form was heated and then cooled in the oven. All in all about 4 days of work to produce one such glass but I love the effect :)
Aug 14 2010 05:47 GMT sini
Wonderful work!:)
Aug 17 2010 09:37 GMT senna3
Excellent work indeed!