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glass bottle


glass bottle

bottoms up!!

bottoms up - drinking expression, rather like cheers, good health, or skol - the 'bottoms up' expression origins are from the British historical press-ganging of unwary drinkers in dockside pubs into the armed services (mainly the navy) in the 18th and early 19th centuries. Men who 'took the King's shilling' were deemed to have contracted to serve in the armed forces, and this practice of offering the shilling inducement led to the use of the technique in rather less honest ways, notably by the navy press-gangs who would prey on drunks and unsuspecting drinkers close to port. Unscrupulous press-gangers would drop a shilling into a drinker's pint of ale, (which was then in a pewter or similar non-transparent vessel), and if the coin was undetected until the ale was consumed the press-gangers would claim that the payment had been accepted, whereupon the poor victim would be dragged away to spend years at sea. Pubs and drinkers became aware of this practice and the custom of drinking from glass-bottom tankards began. The 'bottoms up' expression then naturally referred to checking for the King's shilling at the bottom of the tankard
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Comments on this photo:

Nov 30 2005 23:59 GMT PhotoPro PRO
great series and info too!
Dec 01 2005 00:30 GMT cleftref PRO
Dec 01 2005 04:45 GMT ashdad PRO
I thought this was going to be chocolate from the thumbnail. Thanks for the explanation. I never knew where the expression came from before.
Dec 01 2005 06:54 GMT Joy34 PRO
Really interesting. Thanks, JOy
Dec 01 2005 07:58 GMT Kriszti
Informative and interesting post :))
Hungarians say "Egészségedre!"
Dec 01 2005 10:00 GMT canis PRO
Aha! So that probably explains why some pewter tankards had glass bottoms! I had always wondered that. Fascinating stuff.
Dec 01 2005 14:55 GMT Ini
nicely I thought firstly that it was chocolate!

Dec 01 2005 15:40 GMT latif
beautiful series
Dec 01 2005 19:18 GMT ijbison PRO
Excellent series of pics, and a spot of history, too.
Dec 02 2005 14:33 GMT Caesar
very nice
Dec 03 2005 19:05 GMT dizzy PRO
Fabulous series!!
Dec 04 2005 16:07 GMT iyerhari

Dec 05 2005 18:29 GMT charlotte
nice to read, good to see!
Jan 11 2006 14:31 GMT risque
and all along i thought that bottoms up was...
well a dance instruction for
Folie Bergere - can can dancers?