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lost dog
Tags lost dog


The sad face of the dog with no name - please see the next photo.
Sorry for the poor photo but I didn't want to distress him too much by trying to make him pose
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Comments on this photo:

Nov 05 2005 22:03 GMT menguele
I like this pic.
Nov 05 2005 22:20 GMT Minz PRO
The wee soul!
Such a nice looking dog.
Will keep my fingers crossed for him.
Nov 05 2005 22:29 GMT RiverRabbit
Awwwwww, (wipes tear from eye) ((((( Doggy ))))) :o)
Nov 05 2005 23:24 GMT PhotoPro PRO
He probably delighted for the love he is getting!
Nov 05 2005 23:33 GMT fa69
ahhh! really cute!
Nov 05 2005 23:34 GMT PinkPepperPhoto PRO
Beautiful pose as is, and what delightful markings he has!!
Nov 06 2005 00:09 GMT canis PRO
Awww, the poor thing. The fireworks have been tormenting my cats for about a week now, i bet he's scared silly.

I hope you find his owners soon. Some kid is probably crying his eyes out right now.
Nov 06 2005 08:47 GMT RiverRabbit
Yes you are right canis, and it's me :o)
Nov 06 2005 11:17 GMT curves PRO
I'm thinking you have a new addition to the family....

Does tug at the old heart strings.....I'll take him
Nov 06 2005 12:22 GMT cleftref PRO
The look of just wanting to be loved is heart-rending.
Nov 06 2005 14:31 GMT Kriszti
he might wanna stay w/ u from now on..so full of love :))
Nov 06 2005 19:43 GMT stacey PRO
Awww, perhaps he needs a foil hat (?)
Nov 07 2005 03:06 GMT ashdad PRO
That is one sad looking dog.