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Tags mushroom


A mushroom walks into a bar, sits down and orders a drink. The bartender says "we don't serve mushrooms here."

The mushroom says "Why? I'm a fun guy."
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Comments on this photo:

Nov 30 2005 19:19 GMT Grimacher PRO
You should have been a 'stand up comedian' you know! Great image! :)
Nov 30 2005 19:23 GMT PhotoPro PRO
Awesome shot!
Love the joke!
Nov 30 2005 19:24 GMT canis PRO
Nov 30 2005 19:31 GMT Karen
you just want to throw rotten tomatoes at me don't you grimmers?
Nov 30 2005 19:51 GMT stacey PRO
Oh god (groan), that's the worst!

(joke, not pic). I got one about a piece of string going into a bar but don't think we should start a bad joke trend :)
Nov 30 2005 19:55 GMT Karen
ohhh yes we should! ;)
Nov 30 2005 20:16 GMT stacey PRO
Ok, my tatty and tangled up piece of string walks into a bar and asks the barman if they serve string. The barman looks at the piece of string with its tangles and how it was coming apart at the ends, tuts and says

"no, frayed knot"

boom boom!
Nov 30 2005 20:19 GMT Karen
hehe - you win so far in this bad joke *thread*
Nov 30 2005 22:18 GMT fletrik
Right on the button with this one....
Dec 01 2005 09:32 GMT cleftref PRO
"Jaws"! ;)
Dec 05 2005 16:11 GMT lieke
a big wow here
Feb 17 2006 08:44 GMT xxxmariexxx
I love this mushroom story !!!!!