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Our little lost dog was reunited with his his owner this afternoon :)
I took him along to the veterinary surgery to be scanned to see if he was chipped - and he was!
A few phone calls later and his owner arrived to collect him.
His name is Zippy.

A firework had spooked him at around 2pm and he had run away. 3 hours and 3 miles later we found him wandering around a car park. While watching him to see if he belonged to anyone he went to a car and lay down beside it. We thought he maybe belonged to this car but when the owners of the car returned we discovered he didn't. The family and myself have been in constant contact since and they agreed to home him themselves if we couldn't find the real owner/couldn't find an ideal home/I couldn't manage him myself. (the world is full of lovely people you know!)

When the owner arrived to collect Zippy today he arrived in the same make/model car as the car that Zippy chose to lay by.
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Comments on this photo:

Nov 06 2005 19:40 GMT korni
wonderful photo!
Nov 06 2005 19:41 GMT bill2
nice ending to a sad story
Nov 06 2005 19:44 GMT stacey PRO
Wa-hoo, go zippy!
Nov 06 2005 19:45 GMT jceca PRO
so nice sad eyes
Nov 06 2005 19:47 GMT RiverRabbit
Oh gosh, awww shucks... more tears...... but super ending, I am so glad he made it back home and well done Karen for all your sterling efforts :o)
Nov 06 2005 20:00 GMT Elly
I'm glad to see he is back home.
Great job you did.
Nov 06 2005 20:20 GMT ijbison PRO
Tough guy almost in tears here.
Nov 06 2005 20:39 GMT Anieteke
You did a good job!
Nov 06 2005 20:56 GMT curves PRO
Same car......That's a good dog.....glad he got home and glad your you
Nov 06 2005 20:57 GMT Bali
Oh, what a wonderful end of a sad story. I hope the owner is a nice one...
Nov 06 2005 21:04 GMT fletrik
What a story - good to see back with owner...
Nov 06 2005 21:11 GMT kosmos PRO
That's a wonderful story :)
Nov 06 2005 22:52 GMT Grimacher PRO
Wow...right clever them dogs are! I do like a happy ending! :)
Nov 07 2005 03:08 GMT ashdad PRO
Happy endings are wonderful.
Nov 07 2005 08:01 GMT Kriszti
yeah, HAPPY ENDING is the exact right word :))
Nov 07 2005 10:08 GMT OJ88
am glad.
Nov 07 2005 13:53 GMT Steve PRO
Well done Karen. A happy ending!
Nov 07 2005 19:54 GMT Wildspirit PRO
Love the photo and the story.
Nov 08 2005 03:09 GMT Jabaloo
you dont know how worried I was since I read the first post! would Zippy find home?!? Yes! Thanks Karen and the chips!
Nov 08 2005 16:41 GMT a0000a PRO
oh what a story
very touching
Nov 09 2005 12:19 GMT Sheila PRO
Lovely story - and what an appropriate name for him!
Nov 09 2005 23:12 GMT moniqpl
blessings for you for your good heart :) the dog is cute and lucky ... that he met you on his way :)
Nov 10 2005 09:33 GMT Mia87
Very touching story...
Nov 12 2005 03:22 GMT gr8ronkinroll PRO
A special standing O to you and all those involved!
Nov 14 2005 16:14 GMT zeem
good DOGGGY...nice colorful.
Nov 15 2005 13:58 GMT AlyonTstallion
nice profile shot!
Nov 15 2005 16:37 GMT PennyLane PRO
smart (& beautiful) dog! great story :)
Nov 16 2005 07:42 GMT chimaykaren
Amazing story. They are smarter than we know.
Nov 23 2005 22:53 GMT marijke06
nice story!!
Nov 25 2005 14:46 GMT potterjo
So happy zippy found you and you were able to find the owners....sure they were happy too!!!
Jan 07 2006 21:42 GMT bertel
what a story. Glad you helped the dog :O)/B