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Tia Patricia Ann


See the cute young girl in the left corner? Well on January 14th she turned ? Guess!!! She has looked after herself well this past year and hasn't changed a bit! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TIA! Overwhelmed this week at work, but was always thinking of you! xoxoxo Photo taken in Sept 1972.
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 17 2009 16:33 GMT TiaMaria
My Birthday cake said that I turned 39! Thanks for the greetings and the lovely memory! xoxo
Jan 17 2009 18:58 GMT Kaatje
Well then that must be how old you are! Birthday cakes can't lie!
Jan 19 2009 23:43 GMT h43
Nice memories here.
Jan 23 2009 17:26 GMT Runnalls
So that its your 7th anniversary of celebrating your 39th birthday? lol
Jan 24 2009 15:21 GMT Petra17
what a great looking family...thanks for sharing and Happy Birthday Tia...
Jan 28 2009 02:05 GMT Jaapie PRO
Who's that good lookin' kid in the middle???????
Jan 29 2009 01:02 GMT colem
Is that Great Aunt helen in the middle?
Jan 30 2009 00:01 GMT Kaatje
No, it's my parent's 25th wedding anniversary.
Jan 30 2009 00:02 GMT Kaatje
The lady in the middle is your Aunt Pete's Aunt. Her name is Tante Ann. You OMa knew her, too. She is my Mom. Confused? That's me in the corner when I was 21.
Jan 30 2009 00:03 GMT Kaatje
Well , he certainly WAS a cutie and awfully good at polishing apples! ! And still is a handsome dude!
Apr 20 2009 21:22 GMT klemmie01
OK, Tia,...that doesn't work for me,...I turned 39 REALLY last year,...and you used to babysit me on occasion!!!!
Apr 20 2009 21:26 GMT klemmie01
Thanks for the explanation,...I knew there was a family connection with Auntie Pete! I think that you are the only family member I haven't met in person. I'm Cole's mom, and Siebie's daughter.
Apr 20 2009 23:20 GMT Kaatje
Tia was born in 1962. I am the one on the right. Yes, I probably spent alot of time out west or in Ottawa. Nice to "meet" you!