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Totally experimental!

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Totally experimental!
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 30 2007 05:18 GMT PhotoPro PRO
very cool jag!
Jan 30 2007 07:01 GMT hans55 PRO
good to see your experiance ... very good to see you back !!!
Jan 30 2007 09:30 GMT Adamus
Bravo Justagirl. A magnificent series.
Jan 30 2007 10:43 GMT edsmit
very nice work girl, love them all !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jan 30 2007 11:12 GMT Bali
Amazing experiance!!!
Jan 30 2007 18:30 GMT Joy34 PRO
lovely series..........
Jan 30 2007 22:35 GMT josephnoel
Lovely work.
Feb 01 2007 13:09 GMT Barton
Love your experiments, very well done!
Feb 03 2007 00:13 GMT wifey
Totally lovely too!
Feb 24 2007 02:50 GMT DaK
Nice pictures and series! This pictures putting my childhood in remembrance!
Feb 25 2007 18:55 GMT Snappa
Lovely series.!
Mar 07 2007 00:26 GMT deanbed
Lovely image with great colour, hope to see you back soon!
Apr 10 2007 16:28 GMT mockingbirdxo
i love you bev.. will miss you.
Apr 12 2007 08:54 GMT LisaSam67
Sorry to hear of your passing! To any family and friends reading her comments... My thoughts and prayers are with you!
Apr 12 2007 11:51 GMT hans55 PRO
so sorry to hear this sad news ... i sure will miss you lots !
Apr 12 2007 12:23 GMT Kurt
Yeah...I was chocked, when I heard this..
It makes me very sad, and I'll miss her too...
My thoughts go to her family and friends..
God bless her soul..
Apr 12 2007 15:33 GMT garynumber1cleaner
today is a very sad day :-(
Apr 12 2007 15:34 GMT deanbed
This is so sad and shocking to hear this, I am really going to miss a very good friend and I I am going to treasure those great moments she shared with us.
My love and thoughts to her family x.
Apr 12 2007 16:38 GMT jomoud PRO
Rest in Peace my dear dear friend.
I will miss you a lot.
Thank you for being a wonderful friend to me.
I will not forget you.
Apr 12 2007 19:34 GMT saintnobody
im sad to hear this
rest in peace
Apr 12 2007 20:41 GMT jceca PRO
rest in peace, dear ....
Apr 12 2007 20:46 GMT Bowser
Very sad to hear this.. Rest in peace and tranquility and watch over us.
Apr 12 2007 21:23 GMT evagata
[*] Rest in peace my dear friend,
I will miss you...

Apr 13 2007 07:04 GMT Ini
+++ my dear God take care for here ...she was always so sweet + + +

I missing you my friend i say you not good-bye ..
you be always in my heart :-((
Apr 13 2007 14:42 GMT Elise

Apr 13 2007 15:08 GMT garynumber1cleaner
Elise ..I watched 1 minute of your youtube song, beautiful song, but just to much to take .. :-( God Bless You and justagirl
Apr 13 2007 22:58 GMT Cherokee14
Nothing is sacred, Sleep in peace, As all the creatures of our great land watch over you. Goodbye Beverly............XOXOXO
Apr 14 2007 02:38 GMT jomoud PRO
Thank you Elise!!!!!!!!!!!!
Apr 14 2007 09:07 GMT LisaSam67
Beautiful song - thank you so much for that gift during this very sad time!
Apr 16 2007 02:22 GMT nzshutter PRO
Fly free with the Kookaburras Bev. Keep watch over that fantastac outback of yours. You will never be forgotten!!........... R.I.P my friend. :(
Apr 17 2007 18:57 GMT Mia87
May you rest in peace, dear

You will never be forgotten as nzshutter said...
Apr 19 2007 10:29 GMT rock
OMG! I've known just now the news on foum
I'm so sad.
Justagirl was a great friends of mine..and she was always so kind with me!
My dearest lady, you will be forever in my heart and in my mind!
Apr 19 2007 12:47 GMT Qualquer
May you rest in peace... and God will care about your loveds...
they might be suffering so much..
They will be fine when they realise you are fine...with the Lord..
Apr 20 2007 01:39 GMT PhotoPro PRO
Rest in peace my dear sweet friend. My prayers go out to all your friends and family.
Apr 21 2007 19:01 GMT Snappa
Such very sad news, I only just heard.
A lady with such a good sense of humour.
May 19 2007 17:30 GMT Bali
Thats a shock!!!!!!May you rest in peace!!!!!So sad to loose a friend.
Jun 15 2007 17:17 GMT SIGMUND
I have just found out the physical disappearance of Justagirl and I cannot recover of this blow. It is terrible, not wise anything of her and I thought of making him a joke for not visiting my album in short that rests in peace, I will never forget it and that God blesses its soul and to its family!!!
Jun 18 2007 08:18 GMT abojovna PRO
Totaly wonderful!
Jun 19 2007 05:48 GMT juanse
Dec 01 2007 22:45 GMT abojovna PRO
better and better nice images, well done!
Dec 26 2007 11:15 GMT Ahawa
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2008
Jan 11 2008 01:00 GMT abojovna PRO
Happy New Year to you, my friend! Adorable your art continuar! Beautiful images!
Jan 12 2008 00:49 GMT johnwatson68
Your comments are curious as surely you can read that Justagirl died in April 2007?
Jan 29 2008 08:04 GMT abojovna PRO
Beautiful, I love it!
Aug 28 2008 19:38 GMT abojovna PRO
How are you, my friend? You miss me!
Dec 04 2008 21:14 GMT jomoud PRO
Each time I visit your archive, I miss you my dear friend.
Rest in Peace!
Sep 19 2010 00:04 GMT jomoud PRO
Taken from us, but not forgotten
Jan 13 2015 01:21 GMT nzshutter PRO
How 7 years have passed so quickly. You are still sorely missed Bev. I hope you are still watching over us and your mighty outback. :)