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passionfruit fruit


Passion fruit
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 06 2005 22:20 GMT PhotoPro PRO
Oct 06 2005 22:31 GMT lieke
very, very lovely
Oct 06 2005 23:19 GMT latif
woooooow nice
Oct 07 2005 01:06 GMT Poulet PRO
Beautiful image...
i like its taste :))
Oct 07 2005 01:25 GMT ButterflyShutterfly
Wow! I've never been privileged to the fruit of the plant...only the flower! If it the fruit is as sweet as the flower's scent, it must be heavenly!
Oct 07 2005 01:47 GMT Joy34 PRO
It is. JOy
Oct 07 2005 03:16 GMT RainyDay
great photo.
Oct 07 2005 03:22 GMT fhelsing PRO
Oct 07 2005 11:39 GMT korni
Oct 07 2005 23:16 GMT satomi
oh, this is...
i've never tasted it... ;(
Oct 08 2005 14:38 GMT aigil
satomi, if you get the chance to do so, don“t exitate. You won't regret it. It's delicious. Here we use it largely from cakes, pudins an licours, to salads and fish plates!
Oct 08 2005 15:08 GMT limE
yum! i miss this..we don't frequently get to import this passionate fruit..or it's so rarely sold in the market!
Oct 09 2005 02:16 GMT aquiles PRO
... linda foto!
... lovely foto !
Oct 10 2005 01:05 GMT malcolm
A mouth watering image. Well done.
Oct 12 2005 13:49 GMT yumi
I've never tasted passion fruit.
Beautiful photo:)
Oct 12 2005 22:53 GMT bluesnik
i want to eat...

->thanks for your comments.
Oct 13 2005 11:28 GMT details
If you like those, you'd probably love a variety we have around here called banana-passion fruit! Check massaroco's fotothing for a picture of them and the plant! They are similar in taste but much sweeter!
Oct 14 2005 09:58 GMT dhyana
super zen
Oct 14 2005 17:34 GMT PinkPepperPhoto PRO
Beautiful foto, I have never had the pleasure of this fruit!

Glad you enjoy my pix of the Montana plains country and the snow mountains!
Oct 17 2005 00:04 GMT ramblipiee
Nice photo
Oct 17 2005 10:28 GMT bluefam
wow. so sour. nice shot.
Oct 18 2005 16:37 GMT Imtiaz
Great shot
Nov 01 2005 16:47 GMT santolina
Nov 05 2005 00:38 GMT malichan
A wonderful piece of work.....great!
Nov 08 2005 13:48 GMT jatmoko
What the light did you used Joy ?
Nov 09 2005 17:16 GMT Joy34 PRO
jatmoko> I had 12 various shots of this set up. this one was with the camera flash and just an overhead room light.
Dec 08 2005 01:34 GMT gijoolee
This is my favorite fruit! I love lilikoi (passion fruit) chiffon pie! Yum!
Sep 25 2006 01:52 GMT gtc126
Nice shot......Oh no you don't, I know it is rocks you painted....I ain't falling for that old trick.....