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Tags goat


Photographer Haw59 meet goat. To see photo:

The farm has mini-animals. this is a mini goat, there is a black mini-horse on the right in the shed
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Comments on this photo:

Apr 18 2007 01:29 GMT PhotoPro PRO
I'm waving to her right now!

great shot Joy!
Apr 18 2007 01:43 GMT mickmusser
Oh this is great. I love seeing fters caught mid shot. And a dandy goat capture she made.
Apr 18 2007 01:49 GMT curves PRO
Gee, for all those trips she's made out to see ya you'd think she'd have a little bit of a tan.....
Apr 18 2007 02:17 GMT Joy34 PRO
And would you believe she is 1/4 Hawaiian.
Apr 18 2007 07:25 GMT Haw59 PRO
Do you not remember how cold the winter was?
Apr 18 2007 07:44 GMT kosmos PRO
Great capture! :)
Apr 18 2007 11:02 GMT Afrogie
Fun shot!
Apr 18 2007 18:36 GMT ibbyblam
Certainly a curious little beast, he's posing for the camera :)
Apr 21 2007 07:11 GMT DGM
I wonder what the goat is thinking.:)))
Apr 23 2007 03:47 GMT gtc126
Great Capture!!! Joy. these sometimes are the best framing a framer!!!!!!
May 08 2007 21:37 GMT beedabee
so funny Haw59 .. on work!
Jun 06 2007 08:53 GMT cleftref PRO
Looks like it enjoys being photographed! ;)
Jun 07 2007 17:27 GMT Joy34 PRO
IrishPics: not me..,its my daughter Haw59, thanks for the complement
Jun 10 2007 16:21 GMT malo
Jun 23 2007 11:43 GMT GeoffReeves
This is a fun photo...I bet she didnt know she was the subject too :-)))
Aug 29 2007 15:57 GMT h43
This is cute...."say cheese".