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hawaii Fish
Tags hawaii fish


Sea Life Park big fish tank. O-a-hu, what kine fish dis??
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Comments on this photo:

Feb 12 2006 09:00 GMT kosmos PRO
I have no idea! He lives in a beautiful place.
Feb 12 2006 10:34 GMT latif
Feb 12 2006 11:01 GMT tata28
no idea!!!!!!lovely shoot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Feb 12 2006 11:05 GMT kraj
Did you dive to capture this!
beautiful work!!!!!!
Feb 12 2006 12:45 GMT Poulet PRO
Feb 12 2006 16:53 GMT Joy34 PRO
Fortunatly, I did not have to dive in to get this shot. This was taken at the deep end of a huge glassed in fish tank. The glass is very thick. This why the colors are a little strange. Joy
Feb 12 2006 17:26 GMT Olympe1961
This is an incredible shot.... but in french, we have a saying "if you lie... your nose will be longer !".... :)
Feb 12 2006 18:12 GMT gijoolee
I dunno. Only thought that comes to mind is a Unicorn Fish.
Feb 12 2006 18:14 GMT Joy34 PRO
Ah ha, I'm sure your right. Good for you. thanks Joy
Feb 12 2006 20:48 GMT ohahhwho
It's a Unicorn Tang, from the same family as the Surgeon fish. Common in and around Hawaiian reefs. Here's one I posted back on October 19.

Feb 12 2006 21:42 GMT Joy34 PRO
Thanks. NOW. what is it in Hawaiian??? I want to say kumu but I don't think thats right. Joy
Feb 12 2006 22:31 GMT Mia87
Feb 13 2006 03:29 GMT Studio88
Aloha! Nice Photo Series!
Feb 13 2006 05:16 GMT bluefam
Feb 13 2006 17:11 GMT gijoolee
Don't know what it is in Hawaiian! I'm really bad with fish names!
Feb 13 2006 17:32 GMT Joy34 PRO
Thanks for trying. Joy
Feb 13 2006 18:19 GMT ohahhwho
I want to say Kala, but I also think that may just be a generic name for surgeon fish.
Feb 13 2006 18:54 GMT Joy34 PRO
Mahalo, Joy
Feb 21 2006 02:13 GMT Afrogie
Joy34 - BullFrog says it is a Ka'la
Feb 21 2006 03:05 GMT Joy34 PRO
thank you. Joy
May 11 2006 22:10 GMT Paperinik962
Jun 18 2006 07:10 GMT marjuska
If this fish can speaks it would be quite nasal itīs voice.... :)
Sep 25 2006 01:43 GMT gtc126
Thats a ggod shot..I have no idea what kind of fish it is....but it lies alot...look at that nose.