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Its lychee time again. I'm using a different version of my last year photo because I ate all of this years before I thought to shoot them. Such heavenly fruit. Joy
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Comments on this photo:

Jun 23 2006 05:38 GMT bluefam
interesting. tasty.
Jun 23 2006 06:06 GMT RainyDay
it's yummy :)
Jun 23 2006 06:07 GMT luisa
Very nice, beautiful colours!
Jun 23 2006 07:01 GMT Elise
Oh I just love this fruits....ate kilos of them!
Jun 23 2006 07:05 GMT Pueo PRO
mmm lychee! So sweet!
Jun 23 2006 07:50 GMT Prikthai
Firsttime I see your pics. Greatful. And the last! I like lychee to. In thailand I can buy 1 kilo for 1 USD. I eat nearly every day.
Jun 23 2006 08:21 GMT amateurnight
Yay, lychee! Thanks for the picture...great reminder of a great fruit...love the color tones too..
Jun 23 2006 08:29 GMT Minz PRO
They look ready to devour.............
They are so good to eat.
Jun 23 2006 12:01 GMT Haw59 PRO
Why am I not surprised the ones this year are gone already. I can't get any here in Texas so I will look at your beautiful picture. Thanks Mom. Did you share?
Jun 23 2006 14:51 GMT Poulet PRO
Beautiful image !!
We have none here at this time of the year! We have lots of them in April, Joy! It's our Lychee season. :))
Jun 23 2006 15:55 GMT Joy34 PRO
to Haw59: Share?? Share?? When it comes to lychee there is no such word. Yum, yum, eat 'em up. Mom
Jun 23 2006 16:02 GMT iyerhari
Temptations! Now i will order for Lychee Sundae:))
Jun 23 2006 21:08 GMT EuCarlosFilipe
Very good composition ...of an enormous beauty
Jun 23 2006 21:12 GMT Nespolo
good composition !!
Jun 23 2006 21:25 GMT Afrogie
A treat to the eye! Great color, texture, composition and capture!
Jun 24 2006 10:55 GMT Grimacher PRO
Amazing colour and sharpness in this :)
Jun 24 2006 14:47 GMT PhotoPro PRO
Joy, what do they taste like?
Jun 24 2006 15:33 GMT Joy34 PRO
A good lychee tastes very sweet and mellow, but not citrus. It is mostly water and tends to sort of pop when you bite into them, then run down your chin, hand and arm. Their taste is similar to pear juice but without the pear texture.
Jun 25 2006 10:24 GMT ahmetturker
Jun 26 2006 07:41 GMT neera
yes i know
we get them easily here
Jun 28 2006 22:23 GMT indiana
great colours!
Jun 29 2006 19:12 GMT vipe
I like this too very much!!!
Jul 01 2006 12:12 GMT Justagirl
Oh yum!!! These look scrumptious! The colouring is just beautiful!
Jul 01 2006 17:50 GMT Seamus
Beautiful shot joy !!!!!!!!!!! We don't have these here . What do they tast like?
Jul 01 2006 20:53 GMT Joy34 PRO
Would you believe I'm eating a batch right now. My fingers are sticking to the keys. Very sweet with a very clear juice with a delicate taste close to a pear.
Jul 02 2006 02:47 GMT Wildspirit PRO
Great, absolutely beautiful focus, color, texture!!!
Jul 02 2006 07:37 GMT fawn
great capture :)
Jul 02 2006 09:57 GMT gijoolee
I miss these - YUM!
Jul 02 2006 10:06 GMT Riet
Wonderful fruit! And very beautiful photo!
Jul 02 2006 10:36 GMT Portasejanelas
Jul 03 2006 16:26 GMT Archer
Great capture! Pretty attractive too :)
Jul 10 2006 17:45 GMT capcorse
Excellent still-life capture, Joy. The vivid colours and fine detail, produce a realistic image.
It's years since I had lychees (probably in a Chinese restaurant!)
Jul 11 2006 06:44 GMT Levistrauss PRO
I love lichias!
Jul 12 2006 03:12 GMT 23belowzero
Wow, you can really feel the texture of the image. Well done.
Jul 17 2006 14:38 GMT a0000a PRO
very inviting! :)
Jul 19 2006 03:10 GMT jomoud PRO
wonderful shot Joy
Jul 23 2006 06:28 GMT Sanba38
Jul 29 2006 22:44 GMT Moment
Takes me back to the days when I had my first lychee, now I know what I was missing!
Aug 07 2006 09:05 GMT ilkim
very beautiful colors
Nov 26 2006 07:43 GMT nicoalfredo
TEMPTING INDEED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
May 05 2007 19:24 GMT megmet PRO
My mothers favourite!
Jun 24 2007 17:43 GMT EMHL
Very nice foto!!!