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anthurium flowers garden cat


Anthuriums in my old garden. The fake cat was supposed to scare the birds. The only animal it scared was the dog next door, who would start barking every time he spotted it.
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Comments on this photo:

Jun 05 2006 01:43 GMT fa69
Beautiful flowers, funny cat !!!
Jun 05 2006 01:45 GMT hbla PRO
these Anthuriums are so pretty...if I could keep a garden I'd have to have these.
funny about the fake cat! wonder if I posted a bunch around my yard if it'd keep the dogs out, lol.
Jun 05 2006 02:09 GMT Haw59 PRO
The good old days.
Jun 05 2006 02:23 GMT PhotoPro PRO

they look beautiful!
Jun 05 2006 08:39 GMT Arik77
Love the cat...
Beautiful flowers!
Jun 05 2006 09:06 GMT soldier
Jun 05 2006 14:23 GMT StavrosMoforis
LOL!!! very funny caption!!!!
Jun 05 2006 14:28 GMT Poulet PRO
heheheee.........funny cat!
Beautiful flowers.......... :))
Jun 05 2006 14:44 GMT wifey
Beautiful plants… stiff kitty is cute too! Nice photo!
Jun 05 2006 21:37 GMT Seamus
Beautiful shot Joy!!!. It reminded of the time we put a fake owl in our fig tree to keep the birds out. One day I went out and there was a blue jay sitting on the fake owls head! My only regret was I did own a camera at the time. :)
Jun 07 2006 11:40 GMT Riet
Lovely garden! May be a big image of a prey bird would do better?
Jun 08 2006 13:00 GMT Lev7
Beautiful .
Jun 13 2006 18:01 GMT Ini
Super so sweet :-)
Jun 14 2006 15:04 GMT Justagirl
ROFL!!!! The cat will keep the dog off the garden! Beautiful shot!
Jun 18 2006 07:04 GMT marjuska
heh heh!! that stare look is just for dogs! :))