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Afrogie, got to get the shot.......................:-))
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 08 2006 04:23 GMT Wildspirit PRO
Now, the hard part: getting up!!! Been there, done that! ;-)
Oct 08 2006 05:10 GMT Haw59 PRO
You are going to get me in trouble. But good it is you and not me.
Oct 08 2006 06:05 GMT youyouchen
a 100% qaulified phtographer :) :)
Oct 08 2006 06:43 GMT junsjazz
the things we go through just to have that perfect shot!
Oct 08 2006 07:50 GMT kosmos PRO
Oct 08 2006 10:14 GMT a0000a PRO
well done. now can i see the shot?
Oct 08 2006 11:19 GMT Joy34 PRO
I wish I could get on the ground like that, but I can't. It is Afrogie.
Oct 08 2006 14:42 GMT Seamus
The last time I did this I was covered with fire ants Joy.
Oct 09 2006 03:11 GMT Poulet PRO
Great shot Joy !!
Oct 09 2006 12:49 GMT mbz
nice shot!
Oct 09 2006 12:50 GMT Levistrauss PRO
rsrsrs :))

Very nice photo! Nice work!
Oct 09 2006 19:43 GMT nanstrom
Aha, hard at work
Great shot.
Oct 10 2006 17:23 GMT Afrogie
Here I am, minding my own business, focused on the shot when I hear click click click Haw59 was busy capturing me in the moment!!
I told her I would pummel her if she uploaded this to FT - she said she would not - Joy did instead!!!

Obviously, I threatened the wrong family member! hahahahaha!
Oct 10 2006 19:37 GMT Joy34 PRO
A totatly irresistible urge overcame me. :-)))
Oct 10 2006 23:55 GMT Afrogie
Oct 11 2006 23:33 GMT Ini
Nov 17 2006 03:18 GMT ArtyTonz
Everyone laughs and points, that is until they see the result, and then they're all in awe!!! The positions we get ourselves into for the perfect shot!!
Dec 07 2006 21:56 GMT gtc126
Did anyone get the tag number of the truck that hit me!!!!!!!!! alright get the shot Joy34.....