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Came across this little hedgehog yesterday in my garden.
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Comments on this photo:

Jun 23 2014 06:58 GMT saffi9
great find i haven't seen one for years
Jun 23 2014 07:43 GMT teddybear2
love the hedgehogs in my garden They love pinching the cats food
Jun 23 2014 10:12 GMT skyball
Lovely catch Jean!!!!!.......
Jun 23 2014 11:32 GMT junne PRO
amazing in daytime, they are nocturnal if i remember right
Jun 23 2014 12:15 GMT Jeanmac
I have seen one in my garden for about two years so it was lovely to see!
Jun 23 2014 12:16 GMT Jeanmac
I don't have any cat food for them but they are very welcome to eat the slugs!!
Jun 23 2014 12:18 GMT Jeanmac
Thank you Geoff. I only came inside the house for five minutes and he was gone when I looked again. They obviously move quicker than you think .:)
Jun 23 2014 12:19 GMT Jeanmac
He must have problems sleeping and thought he would go for a walk!!!!!!!!
Jun 23 2014 21:02 GMT pauli3522
poor animail, i hope he is fine
Jun 23 2014 21:03 GMT bandsix
Sweet little prickly thing...lucky you to see him/her:))
Jun 24 2014 03:54 GMT gtc126
Fantastic Entry!!!!!!!A real Pointed Subject!!!!!
Jun 24 2014 07:34 GMT Jeanmac
As long as he stays hiding I the garden I'm sure he will be ok!
Jun 24 2014 07:35 GMT Jeanmac
I am lucky I was so pleased to have hi in my garden:)
Jun 24 2014 07:35 GMT Jeanmac
Thanks Glenn:)
Jun 24 2014 09:48 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
A rare and very welcome visitor!
Jun 27 2014 12:00 GMT georgygirl2
its been a while since i last saw one!
Jun 27 2014 14:50 GMT T1MELESS PRO
Yes we have had a few around here recently Nice shot !!!
Jun 27 2014 18:04 GMT peterpinhole
I've never seen one....nice visitor.
Jun 28 2014 13:06 GMT Jeanmac
He's very elusive as I have not seen him since!
Jun 28 2014 13:08 GMT Jeanmac
Even though I have not seen him much it's great just knowing he is in the garden somewhere!
Jun 28 2014 13:08 GMT Jeanmac
Thanks Jim:)
Jun 28 2014 13:09 GMT Jeanmac
It gives me quite a buzz when I see something different I the garden!