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Attended two parts of an Asian wedding recently.The bride and groom is Sajid and Halima and this photo was taken last night. Everything was very colourful and very beautiful. Most of the guests were from Halima's side of the family and tonight is the final part of the wedding which will be attended by mostly Sajid's family and friends. There will have been four celebrations in all. They certainly carry out their weddings in style!!!!!
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Comments on this photo:

Mar 08 2015 12:50 GMT skyball
A very elaborate wedding Jean!!..lovely shot!!!!!!!.........
Mar 08 2015 18:03 GMT Jeanmac
Thanks Geoff? It was lovely evening. :))
Mar 08 2015 19:06 GMT bandsix
A beautiful couple...and a very swish affair, for sure! Wouodn't like to foot the bill:))
Mar 09 2015 00:54 GMT MargNZ
Spectacular wedding setting and a lovely couple Jean . Thank you for sharing :)
Mar 09 2015 03:17 GMT martini957
Awesome couple.....interesting wedding
Mar 09 2015 09:05 GMT gtc126
Beautiful Wedding Portrait!!!!!!!, JeanMac!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mar 09 2015 17:54 GMT Jeanmac
Seeing it covered four days I can't imagine the cost involved.
Mar 09 2015 17:55 GMT Jeanmac
Thank you Margaret. It was lovely to be involved in two of the celebrations!!
Mar 09 2015 17:57 GMT Jeanmac
Thank you Nancy. They are a lovely couple and are off on a three week honeymoon to Dubai and Thailand. Lucky them!!!
Mar 09 2015 17:58 GMT Jeanmac
Thank you Glenn:)
Mar 10 2015 18:58 GMT senna3
A fairy-tale marriage, marvelous photo!
Mar 11 2015 19:23 GMT Annamaria
It all looks so luxurieus, Jean!! She looks like a princess. I have seen such a wedding on television some time ago and that lasted 3 days. That will need years of saving money.... ;-)
Mar 12 2015 23:30 GMT ForestSpirit
What a good-looking couple! It must have been a great experience to attend this splendid wedding.
Mar 15 2015 14:01 GMT Jeanmac
Thank you:)
Mar 15 2015 14:05 GMT Jeanmac
It was a wonderful evening. The dresses were very colourful and beautiful. Halima is the last of the three daughters to be married so I think her parents were pleased about that.!!
Mar 15 2015 14:07 GMT Jeanmac
Attended two of the celebrations both were great events .:))
Mar 15 2015 15:16 GMT u40
Beautiful photo
Mar 16 2015 19:32 GMT Jeanmac
Thank you:)