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Tags art


Painting by Chihuly.....Seen at Richmond Museum of Fine Art.....
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 18 2013 14:54 GMT abojovna PRO
Beautiful painting and photo! Beautiful painting and photo! Thank you for notice the Chihuly .
Jan 18 2013 18:46 GMT senna3
Very beautiful, excellent photography!
Jan 18 2013 21:09 GMT Jakeobean
Chihuly is a fascinating and talented artist.....He allows patron to photograph his work....
Jan 18 2013 21:09 GMT Jakeobean
Peter..thank you so very much....the photograph only captured the beauty of Chihuly's artistry......
Jan 19 2013 01:14 GMT potterjo
I have seen his glass but did not know that he painted also
Jan 21 2013 13:42 GMT Jakeobean
Jo...he had a whole wall of paintings.....I think he does paintings to illustrate what he wants to create in glass.....
Jan 31 2013 22:47 GMT annieann PRO
wonderful work as always
Feb 06 2013 13:50 GMT CarlBovisNaturePhotography
That's fabulous! :-)
Feb 17 2013 01:31 GMT gtc126
Interesting Painting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Feb 18 2013 06:14 GMT pauli3522
Feb 27 2013 15:38 GMT will
Mar 04 2013 17:52 GMT annieann PRO
this is class my friend
Mar 06 2013 17:32 GMT Jakeobean
Thank you so very much everyone....I should have responded sooner but I've been extremely busy with my woodworking classes and the darn flu...but feeling much better now....
May 17 2013 16:10 GMT Wildspirit PRO
Dale Chihuly is indeed remarkable; his glasswork exhibits are especially beautiful at night. Anytime it is in your city, I highly recommend it.
May 18 2013 11:50 GMT Jakeobean
Hi Jim, I'm a very big fan of Dale Chihuly....I've seen his exhibits in Pittsburg, New Jersey, Richmond and Middle East......it never ceases to amaze me.....stunning work and I really like the way he incorporates his exhibits into the existing architecture...