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Comments on this photo:

Sep 11 2006 17:11 GMT deedjer
Wonderful photo!
Sep 11 2006 19:41 GMT Jakeobean
Deedjer..thank you very much....the light hitting the bunch of leaves is what caught my eye....I was hoping others would like the photograph...
Sep 11 2006 20:14 GMT Mariamel
Fabulus capture !!!
The lighting is really amazing !!
Sep 12 2006 00:24 GMT Jakeobean
Mariamel, As we were driving along this road through the forest, this light raye came down on this group of leaves...I found it absolutely beautiful...thank you for sharing my thoughts.......
Sep 12 2006 19:33 GMT margaL
very nice and eyecatching.
Sep 13 2006 02:10 GMT Jakeobean
Margal..thank you very much...sometimes it's the simpliest things that catch your eye...thank so much for looking at my photographs.......
Sep 14 2006 17:45 GMT Jakeobean
HQN...this particular shot was quite by coincidence. We were driving through the woods and the light from the sun was shining through the trees to this one spot....it caught my eye immediately.
Oct 23 2006 06:08 GMT annaschnitfink
Great shades of fresh green leaves, beautiful light upon them!
Oct 24 2006 09:24 GMT Jakeobean
Annaschnitfink......that was exactly the reason for this photograph...we were driving through the forest and this stream of light was shining upon these leaves....it attracted my eye immediately...........