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Made a little progress on Lin's Corner Cabinet.....Maybe another 4 or 5 days work and it will be done.....
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Comments on this photo:

May 25 2013 03:51 GMT gtc126
Super looking Cabinet. Looks like a wonderful job of woodworking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
May 25 2013 12:07 GMT abojovna PRO
Very elegant Cabinet, clever use of space in the corner !
May 25 2013 12:37 GMT Jakeobean
Glenn..thank you....this has become my passion since retiring...the thought of sitting around and doing nothing didn't appeal to me very much.....
May 25 2013 12:38 GMT Jakeobean
Abojovna...thank you so much....it is a wonderful use of space...but Lin is concerned that it might be too big....I told her not to worry..it will fit...I measured....(Keeping my fingers crossed that I measured correctly.)
May 25 2013 15:54 GMT hans55 PRO
your a busy man !!
May 25 2013 18:15 GMT Milibuh
great !!
May 25 2013 23:06 GMT Jakeobean
Hans..I have been busy....sanding takes the most time I believe.....Hope to have the doors mounted and will start on molding next week....I'm having a great time with this build....
May 25 2013 23:07 GMT Jakeobean
Milbuh, thank you so very much...I'm making this for Lin...I think she's going to like it....
May 26 2013 21:44 GMT wijnie58
It looks great...:-))
May 27 2013 16:52 GMT Jakeobean
Wijnie...thank you, it's coming along slowly....but so far...no major mistakes or do overs.....should be finished soon...
May 27 2013 18:15 GMT psb64
looking good
May 28 2013 00:45 GMT Jakeobean
Psb...thank you so very much....I'm excited about getting closer to the finish.....
May 31 2013 04:52 GMT martini957
A beauty for sure
May 31 2013 11:37 GMT Jakeobean
Martini...thank you so very much....I've sent the last two days sanding the front of the cabinet and doors...should be ready for finish soon.....
May 31 2013 15:47 GMT annieann PRO
would look nice in my home
Jun 01 2013 12:24 GMT senna3
Looks highly professional Jake!
Jun 05 2013 23:20 GMT Jakeobean
Annie...thank you so very much....I think you will have to discuss that with Lin (laughing)...I don't think I want to make another one of these...it has been a lot of work...
Jun 05 2013 23:20 GMT Jakeobean
Peter..thank you so very much....it's my new hobby since retiring....I have to admit that I l like this much better than my old job....
Jun 06 2013 16:49 GMT pauli3522
hi jakeobean..thanks for your comment..and i hope you finish this job soon at your home
Jun 09 2013 17:49 GMT Jakeobean
Paulina..you are most welcome...I'm almost finished....I've got some moulding to complete and then it's the finish.....it's been a great build and lots of fun, although I'm extremely slow in building....
Jun 13 2013 16:47 GMT hans55 PRO
looks already very good to me !