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Tags clock


A clock that I made for Lin........she said I build things in the shop but never make anything for the house....hoping that she likes it......
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Comments on this photo:

Jul 05 2012 21:12 GMT Foggydew
lovely lines - very well done!
Jul 06 2012 01:57 GMT larrybenedict
Actually tells what time it is. Most of my clocks tell what time it was. Nice handywork Jake.
Jul 06 2012 06:03 GMT hans55 PRO
a very nice one ...good work !!
Jul 06 2012 19:50 GMT Jakeobean
Foggy...thank you so very much...I had some old cherry left over from a project and used it to build this clock....
Jul 06 2012 19:51 GMT Jakeobean
Larry....it does keep good time...has a pendulum that swings in the lower part of the case....it's a little quartz clock that runs on batteries....I had fun with this little project..
Jul 06 2012 19:52 GMT Jakeobean
Hans..thank you so very much....I've been setting up my shop and Lin wanted to know when I was going to build something for the house, so I thought this little project would look nice....now she wants me to build a mantel, another door for the kitchen cabinets....What have I started here???
Jul 09 2012 21:22 GMT SIGMUND
very nice!!!!!!!!!!
Jul 16 2012 22:51 GMT charlie26
You did a very nice job here. Great one.
Jul 18 2012 11:35 GMT Jakeobean
Sigmund...thank you so very much....I think my next project will be a new mantel for the fireplace.....keep your fingers crossed for me....
Jul 18 2012 11:36 GMT Jakeobean
Charlie...thank you so very much....I had a good time building this clock.....I've never done one before....I might make another but a little smaller I think.....
Jul 19 2012 03:57 GMT junne PRO
so, where is the pendulum :-)))
Jul 19 2012 19:22 GMT senna3
Wonderful work Jake!
Jul 22 2012 11:42 GMT Jakeobean
Junne...the pendulum is behind the door on the bottom of the clock....I'm thinking of making another clock with glass in both the top and bottom drawer.....
Jul 22 2012 11:42 GMT Jakeobean
Peter...thank you so very much...this was my first attempt at building a clock....I might experiment with some smaller versions.......
Jul 22 2012 22:47 GMT gtc126
Great woodworking, I too make clocks, I have not made much lately!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jul 23 2012 13:52 GMT Jakeobean
Glenn...this was my first attempt at making a clock...I think I would like to try and make a smaller one next....right now I have a couple of vanities to make for a friend....